30 Miles To Celebrate 30 Years Of Streaking

Before heading out for my 30 miles.

Before heading out for my 30 miles.

November 20, 2015, was the 30th anniversary of my running streak.  I have run every day since that day in 1985!  Want to know what I did on that day? I ran 30 miles! I have run numerous marathons during my life – but, never anything longer than that. I decided earlier in the year that I wanted to do something special on that day – and running 30 to celebrate 30 was what I came up with.

I had been training all summer for a fall marathon and had several runs of over 20. But, I was still a little worried about the unknown.  Especially since I wasn’t able to do my marathon a couple of weeks ago. It had been 4-5 weeks since my last run of over 10 miles.  But, I talked to a friend and fellow coach and he took my worries away.  He said to just consider it a longer taper and assured me I could do it!  Thanks, Coach Jeff!

It ended up being a beautiful day – except that it was pretty windy in spots. Low 50’s. Perfect. I was worried about what to wear – but, ended up wearing just the right thing!  I had a base layer under a lightweight half zip and could have done without one of them – but, then I’d turn a corner, have the wind in my face for miles and then be thankful to still have them both on.

The run went well.  I had decided that I was going to take it easy and just go slowly.  I also had to make a promise to Hubby.  As you know – I never run with my phone.  But, he made me promise to run with it and to call him every 10 miles.  I promised him and he saw me put on m RoadID – so he was happy!

Anyway, back to the run.  First 20 miles went great.  I stopped at a convenience store for a pit stop and some Gatorade at 10 and 20.  (Yes, also the times that I had to call Hubby!)  I got a little sluggish between 24 and 27 miles and stopped at about 15 1/2 for a Pepsi.  That must have helped because my last 3 miles went great – and my last mile was considerably faster than the other 29!

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been running every day for that long.  I really don’t even think about it.  It’s just something that I do every day – like brushing my teeth.  I get up, lace up the shoes and then get out and run.

Some funny facts, though.  When I started my streak – a postage stamp was 20 cents, gas was $1.20/gallon and Ronald Reagan was president.   Kinda scary, huh?

That’s the story of my 30 to celebrate 30!  It was a great run and a super way to celebrate!

Back On Track Today – Well, Actually The Roads!

Today, I am a happy camper!  Just got in from a 10 mile run.  And, that makes me very happy. In case you didn’t read my last post – or don’t follow me on Facebook – it has been a long week.  After a terrific summer of training and a week of tapering – and traveling to the event – I did not run my anticipated marathon.  You can read about it in my last blog post – Outer Banks Non Race Recap. Even though I knew that what I was feeling was not heart-related – I pacified my Hubby and only ran 2 miles each day.  Monday, I went to my doctor who said that my heart sounded strong and that I had the “heart of an athlete”.  But, wanted to send me on for a stress test, which couldn’t be fit in until Thursday.  So, I did my … {Continue Reading… }

Outer Banks Marathon Non-Race Recap – Is a Did Not Start Better Than A Did Not Finish?

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4 Reasons I’m Thankful For Running

November is here – and it’s the time of year that people start to make lists of things that they are thankful for. One of the things at the top of my “thankful” list is my running.  Here are the top 4 reasons that I’m thankful for running. 1. Running has kept me healthy for over 30 years. Throughout the years that I’ve been running, I acknowledge that my good health is a direct result of my running. I have very few colds, no major illnesses and overall bone health for a woman over 50. 2. Running gives me energy to handle everything that life throws at me. Though some people don’t believe it – running gives you energy. My run first thing in the morning gives me the energy that I need to handle everything in my crazy life. Between my online business, our restaurant business, taking care of … {Continue Reading… }

It’s Taper Time!

Well, last Friday was the last long training run for my upcoming marathon on November 8th. Tapering officially begins the day after your last long run.  If you’re not a road racer, tapering means cutting back on mileage before the big day. For marathon training, the basic rule of thumb is to cut back 20%-30% of your mileage for the last 3 weeks before the race.  So, if your longest mileage week was 40 miles – the first week of your taper would be cut by 8-12 miles.  And, so on. In theory, tapering sounds wonderful.  You’ve been running your butt off for weeks and now it’s time to cut back the mileage and relax.  Oh, if it were only that easy! When you are tapering, your mind starts to play all kinds of tricks on you.  First of all, you think that if you cut even 1 mile off … {Continue Reading… }

Yes, I’m Doing This Beet Root Thing

First of all, let me start out by saying that I’ve never really taken any supplements of any kind. Heck, I didn’t even start taking Vitamins until after I turned 50.  Now I take my 50+ Vitamins and my Fish Oil tablets every day like a good little girl! I was reading my copy Runner’s World last month and saw a little blurb about beet juice pills. According to what I read, beet root capsules can increase performance.  This is due to the betalains in beets which gives them their red color.  Hmmmm, worth looking more into. So, investigate I did.  According to a herb website, beet root can improve oxygenation during athletic activities – ie running.  The nitrates in beet root widen blood vessels for better exercise and athletic performance. OK, so far, sounding pretty good. Here is what else the article said about other health benefits: “Beet root also improves blood … {Continue Reading… }

Race Recap – Race 13.1 Charlotte

Last weekend, Hubby and I headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, for another half marathon put on by Race 13.1.  This is the 3rd race of this series that I’ve done this year.  I absolutely love their races!   Well organized and great communication! Another race where I had been anxiously watching the weather all week.  The forecast was not looking good.  And, it really didn’t change too much during the week before.  So, I was getting ready for a soggy race.  (Didn’t I just go through this a couple of weeks ago?) Got to the hotel, checked in and got unpacked.  We had passed an outlet mall with a couple of running stores – so, even though I said we didn’t need to go – Hubby said we needed to go.  So, we did!  I got a new running top at the Nike store and a new pair of shoes … {Continue Reading… }

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Every year for the first two weeks of September, Hubby and I go to the Smoky Mountains for our annual vacation.  There are two car shows – one the weekend after Labor Day and one the following weekend.  (Remember – that’s my Hubby’s passion – he restores and show classic muscle cars). So, a few years ago, we started coming down Labor Day and staying for both shows. It’s always a nice time away for us.  Summers are crazy with our business and we can never get away.  So, this is a nice time away.  There’s always a couple of days that we take off to go up into the mountains with a picnic lunch and just sit by the creek all day.  Always my best day!   Meanwhile, back to the race! This race had the option to have your packet mailed to you – which worked out great … {Continue Reading… }

Streaking Runners – No, We’re Not Crazy!

There are some runners, myself included, who run every day of the year. No matter what, they get their run in. These runners are called streakers – not because they run without clothes, but because they have a streak of not missing days of running. Now, there are some that say we’re crazy and others who embrace the idea and wish they could. Read on for why streaking is a good idea and some tips from a streaker. Having a running streak is excellent motivation to get out the door to get your run in. All of us have days where we’d probably like to stay in bed that extra hour, but we know that we need to get our run in. So, having the streak makes it easier. And, all runners know that the hardest step on those days is the first one out the door. Running every day … {Continue Reading… }

Staying Mentally Tough During Road Races

You have to be in shape physically to complete a road race. However, you also have to have the right mindset to get through it. No matter how well you’ve trained and how great shape you’re in – there will be spots during a race where you need to have your mind in the game. All runners have had races where they just don’t think that they can go on. But, they do. Here are some tips to help you mentally get through those rough patches. First of all, when you are feeling sluggish, don’t think of how far you still have to go. Take it in chunks – like little goals to hit on your way to your major goal (which is finishing). Just think about getting to the next mile marker. Or think about getting to the next water stop. Having these little goals really help you forget … {Continue Reading… }