Streaking Runners – No, We’re Not Crazy!

marathon trainingThere are some runners, myself included, who run every day of the year. No matter what, they get their run in. These runners are called streakers – not because they run without clothes, but because they have a streak of not missing days of running. Now, there are some that say we’re crazy and others who embrace the idea and wish they could. Read on for why streaking is a good idea and some tips from a streaker.

Having a running streak is excellent motivation to get out the door to get your run in. All of us have days where we’d probably like to stay in bed that extra hour, but we know that we need to get our run in. So, having the streak makes it easier. And, all runners know that the hardest step on those days is the first one out the door.

Running every day keeps you healthier. Personally, I have had few colds in my life and rarely anything worse. One year, I came down with a case of the shingles. I still made myself run a mile each day – and was over them in a week. I firmly believe that running got the nasty stuff out of my system a lot quicker.

If you think you may have an inner streaker in you wanting to get out – there are some things that you want to remember. First of all, you need support of your family. My husband knows that I’m going to get my run in each day even if nothing else gets done. And, he’s alright with that – and supports my running in so many ways.

Being a streaker doesn’t mean running flat out, long distances every day. You need to take easy days, also. There are days where you may just run a slow mile or two when you are recovering from a longer run or speed work. These “rest” days are very important.

Also, you need to listen to your body. This is truly the way to keep running through life, if you’re a streaker or not. If your body is telling you to take an extra easy day – make sure that you do it.

Now, I know that everyone is not cut out to be a streaker. But, I know that I enjoy my running each day – and can’t remember a day when I didn’t get the run done. I’m coming up on 30 years of streaking.  It works for me – keeps me healthy, energetic, positive and full of life.


Staying Mentally Tough During Road Races

You have to be in shape physically to complete a road race. However, you also have to have the right mindset to get through it. No matter how well you’ve trained and how great shape you’re in – there will be spots during a race where you need to have your mind in the game. All runners have had races where they just don’t think that they can go on. But, they do. Here are some tips to help you mentally get through those rough patches. First of all, when you are feeling sluggish, don’t think of how far you still have to go. Take it in chunks – like little goals to hit on your way to your major goal (which is finishing). Just think about getting to the next mile marker. Or think about getting to the next water stop. Having these little goals really help you forget … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Help For Those Tight Calves

Even though you may not think about it – tight calves can be the root of many running pains that you may have.  Lower back pain, achilles problems, shin splints and plantar fasciitis are a few of the things that can be caused by tight calves.  (There may be other things involved like running in old shoes, increasing mileage too quickly, etc., but, tight calves may be the culprit). Here is a short (about 3 minutes) video that I put together to show you an exercise that I do every day after I run to stretch out my calves: It just takes a few minutes and it really does help! Even if you are running with no pain – you should put this little exercise into your after run routine. Especially after a long run – it really stretches out those sore legs!   … {Continue Reading… }

Yasso 800’s – They’re Tough, But They Work!

Runners are always looking for some magic formula to get faster and help them to run a good marathon. Well, there is no secret formula – you still need to get out there and put in the miles and the hard work. However, here is a workout that runners have been doing for years to help them reach their goal marathon time. Yasso 800s are a great marathon workout. I have done them for years – I qualified for Boston using this speed workout. They are named after Bart Yasso from Runner’s World Magazine who “invented” this workout. He realized that there was a correlation between 800 times and marathon finish times. People thought he was crazy at first, but then they tried the workout and realized that it does work. Here is the Yasso 800 workout. First of all, you want to take ouyr marathon goal and then convert … {Continue Reading… }

Help Your Runner’s Feet – Get Regular Pedicures

I just got back from one of the two things that I do every other week for my feet to take care of them so that they will keep me running.  One is a visit to my chiropractor – which I talked about a couple of weeks ago.  Here’s the link in case you missed it:  The other thing that I do is to have regular pedicures.  Having a pedicure does more than just make your feet look nice. Some things that are done during a pedicure are: getting your feet soaked and thoroughly cleaned, your toenails cut and trimmed and a wonderful (and I do mean wonderful) foot and lower leg massage. The first thing that happens when you go in for a pedicure is you get to soak your feet in a little whirlpool tub. In most pedicure parlors, you also sit in a massage chair. The … {Continue Reading… }

7 Reasons Why I Love Running

Running is so great for you for so many reasons. Most people, myself included, start running as a great way to lose weight. However, most of us get so hooked on running that even after we’ve lost the weight that we wanted to – we just can’t give up running. But, that’s a good thing! Running keeps us healthy – helps us to live a longer life – gives us more energy – and so on. Here are the major reasons that I love running: Because it gives me the energy that I need to get through my day. I live a super busy life – and I can’t imagine that I could get everything done that I do if I didn’t have the energy that I get from my morning run. I love running because I love getting outdoors. Running gets me outside and I sometimes see things that … {Continue Reading… }

Podcast – Praise For My Hubby’s Support Of My Running!

Today I want to talk a little bit about my hubby.  Yesterday was our 33rd Wedding Anniversary! Wow, that sounds like such a long time ago! I have been so blessed to have him in my life – for many reasons, but especially when it comes to my running.  I can’t imagine anyone being more supportive than he is!    It takes a special person to be married to a runner – getting up early on race day then hanging out for hours while waiting for their spouse to finish their race.  Dealing with running clothes spread out everywhere drying, running shoes everywhere………well, you know! In my podcast today – I talk about some of the many ways he supports me!   I know that I am so lucky!  There are so many who are married to people who don’t really support them.  I really wish that I could get … {Continue Reading… }

I Love My Chiropractor!

Many people, including runners, mistakenly think that chiropractors are just for those with back pain or neck pain. That is not the case.  My chiropractor has definitely helped to keep me on the roads since I’ve been getting older – and helped to keep my running streak intact. The first time I visited my chiropractor (well, at the time it was my husband’s chiropractor) was when I twisted wrong at work. My hip started killing me. And, then it started to affect my running. I had to alter my gait and I was afraid that I was going to harm my other leg. After a week or so, I decided to go see the chiropractor. I figured that it couldn’t hurt – and a doctor was just going to tell me to stop running.  (You know if you’re a runner – you avoid doctors if at all possible!). To back … {Continue Reading… }

How To Deal With A Bad Road Race

Here we are right in the middle of road racing season.  Running road races are great for runners. You can see how much you’ve improved at a certain distance.  Running a race at a longer distance is always great, also. But, if you’ve been running for any time – you’re going to have a race that just doesn’t go as planned. You just didn’t feel good and barely made it to the finish. It’s important to deal with those bad races correctly. The first thing that you want to do is to go over the race in your mind and figure out what went wrong. Was it the weather on race day? Do you not train as hard as you should have? Did you go out too fast? Were you just feeling bad that day? Was the course tougher than you thought it would be? Did you eat something that you … {Continue Reading… }

Why I Love Running By Myself

I love running by myself!  I know that for some of you that is blasphemy – but, I do.  For years, I used to run 4 or 5 days a week with others and I enjoyed the  camaraderie that we shared!  They were all guys (3 and sometimes a 4th) and we had a blast.  I guess I was the token female of the group!  I was one of the guys – and we would talk about everything. Side note here – another reason why I absolutely love my hubby!  He understood that these guys were my running buds and nothing more and trusted me to meet them almost every evening after work to run.  I know that I’m extremely lucky! Anyway, after many years – the group more or less disbanded.  None of those guys are running anymore – and I do miss them.  There are groups that I could … {Continue Reading… }