Pre-Long Run/Race Eating – Back To Old School

Pre run eatingLast year, many of you remember that I was moaning about the end of my favorite flavor (and only flavor that I eat) PowerBar – my beloved Banana!  I had eaten them for years (and I mean a lot of years) before my long runs and before races.

All of a sudden, there I was trying to find a replacement for pre-run nutrition.  I spent several weeks purchasing and trying out different things.  Nothing that I tried seemed to work – or tasted as good as my Banana PowerBars.  Maybe I was being a little hard-headed – but, oh, well…..

Anyway, one day I was thinking about it – again.  And, then a super brilliant thought popped into my head.  Go back to being old school.  I’m old school with my running in so many ways – why not with my pre-run snack.

So, I went out and bought a bag of bagels.  (I love the bagel thins).  Ate one with some peanut butter before a long run – and it was great!  It seemed to be just what I was looking for!   I’m so happy!

If you are wondering – bagels and peanut butter are a great choice for runners.  Bagels are an excellent pre-race food.  They are rich in carbs and easily digested.  You can eat it dry – but, I prefer it with peanut butter.

Here’s why peanut butter works.  It’s makes you feel full much longer after you’ve eaten it – it stays with you.  Also, peanut butter is a super source of niacin and folic acid – they help convert food to energy.  This helps helps keep your energy level up during a long run or race.

I like to eat an hour before heading out.  You don’t want the food to be too heavy in your stomach – but, you still want to be able to get the energy from it.  An hour works perfectly for me.

So, I’m back to being a Happy Camper with my pre-run eating again!  I still think it’s good to be old school!




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