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Judy Mick, The Streaking RunnerHi!  My name is Judy Mick, also known as The Streaking Runner.  More about my name later!  I am passionate about running and helping runners to stay runners for life.  So many runners start a running program and quit for some reason or another – I want to help them get started correctly and keep running for life!

Throughout the years I’ve run numerous races at all distances.  As I’ve grown older, though, I find myself running the longer distances – marathons and half-marathons.  And, I always plan a race in Florida during January or February to get out of the cold!

I started running in college (around 1978) to basically try to stay in shape (you know, beer and pizza at all hours).  There was also a secondary reason.  My best friend and roommate was trying to catch the eye of a member of the cross country team.  Well, it worked on all counts, she married the runner and I’m still running!

My main claim to fame is that I have not missed a day of running since November 20 1985!   Thus the name:  The Streaking Runner.  I absolutely love running and I know that it has kept me healthy all these years – and probably more sane!

In this blog, we’ll be talking about many different aspects of running – from staying overall fit, proper clothes, shoes, fun races, continuing to run as you get older, etc.  In addition to tips, many of the things that you will find here are stories from my running life. Feel free to comment to let me know anything you’d like to see.

I’m also a firm believer in positive attitude and motivation.  Positive attitude can make all the difference in all area of life – including running!

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I also am a published author on Amazon.  You can view my author page at: http://judyruns.com/authorpage

Another thing that I’m extremely excited about is that I’m an RRCA Certified Running Coach.  I want to help new runners get started correctly and help them to achieve their goals.

You can also email me at:  judy@thestreakingrunner.com

Run Happy!


The One Time I Like Evening Runs

Christmas LightsI am a morning running – plain and simple.  I love getting out early in the mornings for my run.  It makes for a great start to my day.  I ran for years in the evening – but, once I turned myself on to morning running about 10 years ago……………

However, there is one time of the year that I will run once or twice in the evenings – Christmas!

I love getting my Christmas songs queued up on my ipod and head out the door as it starts getting dark.  And, do you know what gets me out the door – Christmas lights!  I’ve always loved looking at Christmas lights.  When I was little, my parents and I would drive around different neighborhoods looking at the decorations.  We’d listen to carols on the radio and my Mom and I would sing as we drove around.  It’s such a great memory.

And, as I got older and married – I make my poor hubby take me around at least one night, also.  I still love to look at the lights.  And, I’ll admit – the more lights and the tackier, the better!

But, a few nights, I like to lace up and run to see the lights.  I can run several miles around the surrounding neighborhoods and never have to get on the main road.  I love these runs!  I can take my time looking at the lights.

On those crisp, clear nights – there is nothing better than running around looking at lights while listening to the sounds of the holidays!

If you’ve never tried this – I highly recommend it.  Just be sure to run safely – wear your reflective gear and keep your music low so that you can hear traffic.  Be safe – run smart – and enjoy the run!

Beating The Post Marathon Depression Blues

Post Marathon BluesRunning and finishing a marathon is a great accomplishment!  You’ve trained for months, you had a goal and made it happen!  What a feeling!

But, then…..after the initial euphoria – you start to feel really down.  Many marathon finishers feel this way.  After their marathon is over – they get depressed.  This is normal.  Your training and the big day took up a large part of your life for several months.  And, now you feel a little lost.  This is know as post marathon depression.

However, you can get out of this funk!  Here are some tips to help.

First of all, if the reason you are feeling down is because you feel that you didn’t do as well as you thought – take a little time to go over the race again in your head.  Try to think Continue reading

The Main Reason I Hate Winter Running

Winter RunningI know that you’ve heard me before talk about how much I hate cold weather.  The older I get – the less and less I like it.  And, those of you that know me personally, know that if I could get my hubby to move – I’d be on my way to living in Florida tomorrow!

But, reality is – I live in Virginia.  And, while it is not as cold as many other areas, it still gets really cold!  Also, I travel to my Mom’s once a week to West Virginia – and it’s always about 10 degrees colder there.

Running in the colder weather is something that all runners have to Continue reading

Surviving The First Week After A Marathon

Outer Banks MarathonLast Sunday, I completed the first marathon that I’ve done in several years.  It was a lot slower than I was used to running – but, I’m perfectly OK with that.  I had a great time and it was a race that I will definitely do again next year.  Hey, my goal will be to just beat that time – which should be doable!

To aid with recovery – as soon as possible after coming through the chute – get something to eat.  A banana or something that you know has helped you after your long runs.  Also, wrap yourself in that mylar blanket or slip into some dry clothes.  I always have a pair of flip flops nearby (OK, my faithful, stuff-holding husband) or dry shoes.  Getting your feet free from the shoes that you’ve just spent hours in helps so much!

Get back to wherever you’re staying and take a shower.  It helps so much!  What works for me Continue reading

Outer Banks Marathon Race Recap

Outer Banks MarathonThe 2014 Outer Banks Marathon has come and gone.  It was my first marathon in about 7 years – so, I was happy to get one under my belt. This is a race that I highly recommend and that I already have on my schedule for next year!

As you know, I love destination races!  My hubby and I work hard and have a pretty crazy life.  So, I love to plan these little mini running vacations to give us a break.  I’m lucky that he always seems to be willing to indulge me in these!

Neither of us had ever been to the Outer Banks before – so, we did have the excitement of going somewhere new.  And, it didn’t disappoint!  We got there on Thursday and did a little driving around to get our bearings.  We both really love how laid back it is there!

Friday morning after a short run and then some lunch, we headed to the Continue reading

My, How Things Have Changed!

running motivationFor those of you that have just been running for the last several years – you’re probably going to have problems comprehending this post.  You started running when it was socially acceptable and running items are part of the every day norm.  But, believe me, it wasn’t always that way!

I started running in the 1970’s.  (Actually, I ran for a little bit with my Dad in the 60’s – but, it was only for about a year.  So, I consider myself actually becoming a runner later.)  Running gear was not something that was readily available everywhere – especially in a small town.  Well, the running gear that actually existed at the time.

Luckily, my parents owned a retail department store and we carried Continue reading

I’m So Happy To Have My Hubby!

My hubby and I after the Bay Bridge Marathon in Virginia Beach several years ago.

My hubby and I after the Bay Bridge Marathon in Virginia Beach several years ago.

Running is mostly a solitary sport – but, in my case, there’s a very important person behind the scenes. My wonderful hubby has been there for me since day one!

In fact, the day of our first date, I was out on a run in the afternoon.  I was about 2 miles from my house and Bob (hubby) pulled over.  He asked if I’d like for him to pick me up earlier and we’d go to dinner before our planned movie.  So, I had about an hour to get home, shower and get ready.  Yes, I made it – but, the point is, he knew from that first date on that he had a runner to deal with!

Hubby knows that when we are on vacation that he can sleep in a little longer or have some time to himself while I’m out for my daily run.  I plan destination races all year – and he never says a word.  (But then, I think he secretly loves the fact that I get him out of the cold in January or February for a race in Florida!)

No matter the race – he’s always right there waiting for me at the finish line with dry clothes and a Pepsi! He also enjoys buying me things at the Race Expos.  What runner would turn that down?

One year, several years ago, he bought me this necklace.  He found an ad in the back on Runner’s World, picked it out himself and ordered it.  I love it – and the fact that he did it all by himself – and that it shows that he supports my longer runs!

Running Necklace

Here’s another story about how supportive he is.  When we built our restaurant in 2000 (we have a Dairy Queen) – he put a building behind it with a shower.  He did this so that I could run to work (about 10 miles) and be able to shower before starting work.  How cool is that!

And, as far as my streak is concerned, he has no problem with whatever I need to do.  He never complains when my alarm may go off at 3 – 4 in the morning when I have to get a run in before something that I have to take care of early during the day.  This has happened before family members’ surgeries, appointments, weddings, etc.

I know that I am totally blessed and lucky to have such a supportive husband.  It just breaks my heart when I hear that there are spouses that don’t support their running – let along if they run every day.

Hey, maybe they’ll let their non-supportive significant others read this and it could help!

Thanks for indulging me and letting me go on and on.  I’m just so happy to have my hubby in my life – over all – and especially for his support!

Run Happy!


Don’t You Love It When A Plan Comes Together?

Happy RunnerMonday was my scheduled long run.  Now, when I say a long run – I mean the longest run that I’d done for a few years.  If you’ve been keeping up – I’m getting back to my “usual” running.  I haven’t been able to train for a marathon for a few years and this is the year that I decided it was time to get back at it.

I picked the Outer Banks Marathon in November for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it’s a beach area.  I love the beach.  Doesn’t matter what time of year.  It’s my favorite place.  Then, the time of the year for the race.  I usually do a marathon in Florida during the winter – but, that means 2-3 months of cold long runs.  The first of November date should mean that the majority of my long runs will be in nicer weather.  (Yes, I’m a wimp).

Back to the story.  Monday was long run day.  Planned on doing 22.  I know that so many people don’t agree with doing more than 18 or 20 miles when training – but, I feel that you have to get used to the time on your feet.  I also feel that this is important for me since I’m just getting back to longer distances.

If you remember, last week I told you about my great shoe dilemma.  Here’s the link – in case you missed it.  http://www.thestreakingrunner.com/great-shoe-dilemma/

I decided to try the newer shoes.  Also, since I want to do a 50-miler next year – I decided that I needed a CamelBak.  I really liked my hand helds for water – but, after 3 hours – it gets a little old.  And, I don’t like anything around my waist.

So, for this run, I went out in fairly new shoes and my CamelBak.

The 22 miles went great!  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt!  And, the great shoe experiment was a success.  I’ll be wearing these in my marathon.  CamelBak – took a few miles to get used to – but, I really liked it!  Especially, with the 50 ounce capacity!  No stopping to refill!

All in all, it was a pretty terrific day!  22 miles done.  Feeling confident that I can go the distance in a month. (Yikes, a month today!)  Shoe dilemma is solved.  And, I have a new running gizmo that I like.

As they used to say on the A-Team – don’t you love it when a plan comes together!

Run Happy!



The Great Shoe Dilemma

running shoesAs of today, my next marathon is 36 days away.  This means at least 2-3 more long runs.  But, that’s not the problem.  My issue involves my shoes.

Most runners who run distances rotate 3-4 pairs of shoes at the same time. One of the major reasons is so that one pair dries completely before you run in them again.  And, I’m no exception.

Here’s my dilemma.  I’ve got one pair that I’ve done most of my long runs in.  They’re like a wonderful friend that I pull on and everything feels right.  But, these shoes have 350 miles on them right now.  I usually go about 400 – 450 on a pair of shoes before I retire them.

I’ve started another pair – same brand and model – and went for 10 miles in them.  Felt good.  Like a soon to be old friend!  :-)  (I’d wear one of the others that I’m rotating – but these feel better on longer runs due to a larger toe box).

So, here’s the problem.  Do I retire my old friends and save them for race day?  Or do I really start working these new ones and have about 100 – 150 miles on them for the race?  (And, yes, I know that I was goofy not to start them earlier!)

What to do…..what to do?   Any suggestions?

Run Happy!