The Best Way To Keep A Running Streak Alive

running tipsBeing a Streaker for over 30 years – this is probably one of the questions that I get the most. Runners always ask how I can run every day and how I stay motivated to do so. It’s really kind of funny.  After this long, I really don’t think about it that much anymore.  Running is just a part of my life – like brushing my teeth and eating.  It’s just something that I do.

When I think back about it – there’s a few answers.  First of all, I always tell runners to listen to what their body is telling them.  If they are feeling a little “glitchy”, back down for the day.  Either go slower or go fewer miles.  Your body is probably trying to tell you something.  This is one thing that I’ve always done.

Another thing that’s been my stand through all these years is to never do anything that may interfere with my running.  I know that there are many that think I’m crazy about this – but, it’s how I feel.  I’ve never done boot camps, Spartan races, etc.  Anything that may cause an injury that would cause me not to run – I just don’t do.

Now, for the biggest thing that I think someone can do to keep a running streak going – run in the morning.  Some people are not morning people – and up until about 15 years ago – I wasn’t either. Now, the morning is my favorite part of the day!

But, I digress.  About running.  There are so many things that can pull us during the day.  An unexpected business meeting, something that you had planned that ran much longer than anticipated, etc.  There’s so much “life” that can happen during the day to come between us and our running.  And, unless your commitment to your running is extremely strong – you may be tempted to punt the run.

I know – because this has happened to me years ago.  It just seems that the day that I decide to sleep in – or just be a little morning lazy – something will happen and then I’m trying to squeeze a run in when I can.

So, I have a firm rule to run first thing in the morning.  Period.  If I have to get up at 3 or 4 am to get a run in – that’s what I do.  I just had one of my 3:30 wake up calls on Saturday so I could get a little nourishment before heading out for a 13 miler when I knew I had a busy day ahead.

This week coming – same thing.  I have to work at our DQ a few days – so, it will be earlier than usual morning runs before heading to work.  (I also give myself time to do my weight workouts on the specified days, also.)

It takes dedication – especially in the beginning.  But, now, if I’m not up and out the door by 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. something is wrong.  Not only do I have peace of mind that my run is done for the day – but, I have more energy to take on whatever may come my way.  Or, just to deal with what I have on my already crazy, busy schedule.

So, take it from a 30+ year Streaker – learn to get up and out early.  You’ll be glad you did.



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The last few weeks have been challenging – to say the least.  We hired a new General Manager at the DQ to hopefully take some of the burden off of Hubby and me.  Well, after 3 days – he stopped showing up.  Just as well, he didn’t want to listen as I was training him and could only talk about all the things that we do wrong.  Hmmm, we’ve been in business there for over 16 years – we must be doing something right. Anyway, in addition to that, my chest problems started resurfacing again.  Remember, my problem when I was to run the Outer Banks Marathon in November?  Here’s a reminder: In January, my doctor and I decided that I was overly stressed (go figure) and put me on some medication.  Up until last week, it worked. Last Monday night, I started getting that pressure again in my … {Continue Reading… }