Making Your Running A Habit

MotivationMany people start out with the intention of beginning and sticking with a running program. However, for one reason or another the majority of them will quit before even really getting to enjoy all the benefits of running. So, it’s important to start off on the right foot – so to speak. Read on for some tips on getting your running program started correctly.

First of all, you need to set a time to run – and stick to it. A big reason that many want to be runners quit is because they don’t make their running a priority. With all the benefits that you gain from running, you need to make sure that it is important for you to get it done. If you just have the attitude that I’ll get it in sometime today – it probably won’t get done. So, make sure that you set aside a certain time each day.

Make sure that you don’t start out by trying to do too much too soon. This will cause you to get frustrated and want to quit. It can also cause you to get injured if you try to do more than your body is ready for. You want to start slowly and get your body used to the running program. Especially if you really haven’t done any exercise before.

To make your running a habit – think about the good things that it is going to do for you. Focus on the positive. Also, try to run in places that are scenic – this will help you to enjoy your run more. It also helps to have some upbeat music playing on your mp3 player – music that puts you in a good mood. Just make sure that you are not playing your music so loudly that you cannot hear what it going on around you.

Don’t skip a day of doing something. To make something a habit – you have to do it for 30+ days. If you are starting a running program – you probably won’t be running every day (well, at least not in the beginning. However, on the days that you are not running – you should be doing something. The best thing is to go for a walk. This still gets you out the door and used to doing something every day – but you will have a rest day from your running.

Running is a great lifestyle and can help improve the quality of your life. It’s important to get started correctly and make it a habit – and something that is non-negotiable in your life. After you get into the habit – eventually you won’t even have to think about it. You’ll just do it!


It’s Alright To Be Old School – Just Look At Ed Whitlock

I’ll freely admit it – I am an old school runner.  And, proud of it!  I don’t do a lot of the fad things and I pretty much just run.  And, I just found out that old school can work pretty well – for a lot of years. I was on my long run today and listening to a Runners Connect podcast.  Tina Muir was interviewing Ed Whitlock – a masters runner living in Canada now.  Ed Whitlock is not only a masters runner – he’s fast.  He just ran a 7:18 for the mile – which he says was “soft”, he ran a 1:50 half marathon at age 85 (his current age) and ran a 2:54 marathon when he was 73. I absolutely loved listening to him.  He runs.  That’s it.  He does no cross training, no speed work, no weights, etc.  He listens to his body and backs … {Continue Reading… }

Maybe I Am Like A Horse!

What would you do if your running friends called you a horse?  Especially, if you are a female. That’s exactly what a group of 3 guys that I used to run with called me. This was in the mid to late 90’s when I used to run 3-4 days a week with these running buds. They would meet me at my office, at my house at another location – wherever we wanted to run from. We would run all different distances and always had a lot of fun together.  But, they had one small problem with me.  I always sped up the last mile. I really didn’t even know that I did it.  It just happened.  They would tell me that I was like a horse. When a horse knows that it’s close to the barn, it will speed up to get home.  So, that’s how I was the horse. … {Continue Reading… }

30 Questions With The Streaking Runner

I get a lot of questions about my personal running.  If you allow me, I thought that I’d share some of them (and my answers) here. Here ya go. How did you get started running?   I started running in 1978 when I was in college.  My friend and I started running to get rid of some excess weight.  (You know – college years).  She was also trying to catch the eye of a member of the college cross country team.  Almost 40 years later, I’m still running and she is still married to the runner she was trying to “catch”! How long have you been running?   Since 1978. Why do you keep running?   I keep running to stay healthy and to stay in good shape.  I do like to eat!  And, truthfully, after all these years – I don’t even think about it anymore.  It’s just something that I … {Continue Reading… }

Have We Made Running Too Complicated?

Running, as people like to say, is a “simple” sport.  Yes, it used to be that way.  But, is it still? Personally, I don’t believe so.   OK, I know I’m probably going to sound like the person that used to walk to school in the snow uphill both ways – but, here goes. There’s a humorous picture of a marathon runner that has so much gear on them and carrying that they look like they are going into a survival weekend in the wild.  They have a back pack on, a gear belt on, an arm band with their phone, etc.  Do we really need that much stuff to go on a run? Runners think that they can’t run around the block without carrying the kitchen sink with them and without their phone.  I see so many posts on social media where a runner has gone ballistic because their … {Continue Reading… }

I Love My Gym!

I was having a little bit of trouble coming up with a blog post, so I googled for ideas.  One of them was pros and cons of your gym.  Perfect!  So, here we go with a little bit about my gym and why I love it! First of all, I guess that I should admit that my gym is in my basement.  There’s a BIG reason for this.  If I had to actually drive somewhere to work out – I would never do it.  I love the convenience of just wandering down to the basement after a run to get my weight workout done. I’m set up with everything that I need.  I have a weight bench (actually 2), dumb bells, medicine balls, balance ball, dip bar.  Everything that I need.  I even have an exercise bike – one that I used in high school every morning.  Not high tech, … {Continue Reading… }

The Best Way To Keep A Running Streak Alive

Being a Streaker for over 30 years – this is probably one of the questions that I get the most. Runners always ask how I can run every day and how I stay motivated to do so. It’s really kind of funny.  After this long, I really don’t think about it that much anymore.  Running is just a part of my life – like brushing my teeth and eating.  It’s just something that I do. When I think back about it – there’s a few answers.  First of all, I always tell runners to listen to what their body is telling them.  If they are feeling a little “glitchy”, back down for the day.  Either go slower or go fewer miles.  Your body is probably trying to tell you something.  This is one thing that I’ve always done. Another thing that’s been my stand through all these years is to … {Continue Reading… }

Race 13.1 Roanoke Recap – Slowest Half Marathon Ever – But, I Had A Blast!

Last Saturday was the latest half marathon in the Race 13.1 Series Races – and was held right here in my hometown of Roanoke.  So, of course, I had to do it. Now, to start my story – I’ve been fighting a little “glitch”.  I really don’t know what it is.  It’s mostly in my butt, and a little bit on the top of the back of my leg.  So, somewhere between glute, SI or hammy.  Running doesn’t really bother it – it is just an annoyance when I run.  What hurts the most – and I mean hurt – is when I’m driving.  And, considering I drive 1 1/2 hours each way to my Mom’s every week……well, let’s just say it gets downright uncomfortable. I’ve been doing exercises for all 3 – plus Piriformis exercises.  And, seeing my chiropractor a couple of times a week.  The week of the … {Continue Reading… }

Reasons To Run Alone

Yes, I can hear some of you yelling at me through your computer already.  But, I have some very valid reasons why it is advantageous to run by yourself.  Yes, I know that it can be great to have someone to run with you to help the miles go by.  Yes, I know about camaraderie.  Years ago – we’re talking 15 or more years ago, I ran 4-5 times a week with a group of guys that were my bestie running friends.  But, then I started running by myself – and I absolutely love it!  Here’s some reasons why:  You won’t try to be a runner that you aren’t.  When you are running with someone else – you will try to keep up with their pace – whether they are slower or faster than you.  If you’re the slower runner – you won’t kill yourself trying to keep up with … {Continue Reading… }

Race 13.1 Richmond – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well, another half marathon is done.  Race 13.1 Richmond was held on Saturday at the Richmond International Speedway.  First of all, before I get started – I just want to say that I absolutely love the Race 13.1 series.  They usually have their act together and put on a great race.  I’ve done several of their races over the last few years – and I’ve enjoyed them all! That is the one of the “good” parts of my story.  These guys are great, well-organized and are obviously runners themselves. I’d been watching the weather all week.  It looked like it was going to be 100% chance of rain. But, we all know that the weather forecasts have been wrong in the past – and I’m sure will be into the future.  This time, they were spot on.  Race morning was about 55 degrees, rainy (downpours at times and windy).  Dressed … {Continue Reading… }