A Month In The Life Of A Streaking Runner – Day 3

Tuesday, October 3

Today was speed work day.  For speed work today – I did 1/4 mile repeats.  What this means is that after a warm up of easy running (1 1/2 miles), I started doing intervals.  1/4 mile faster with 1/4 mile recovery (slower running).  Today called for 6 of these.  So, 6 X 1/4 mile repeats.  Followed by a slower run for a cool down.

Where I ran today is called Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail.  Trail is using the term loosely.  I am not a fan of trail running – rocks and tree roots are not fun in my klutzy world!  :-)  But, this trail is finely crushed gravel – much easier!  I did my warm up on this trail.

The parking area for the trail is about 1/8 of a mile from the trail.  If you do the other direction – it’s a paved road that dead ends after almost 1/2 mile.  This is the road that I do my speed work on.  It’s almost perfectly flat and no cars.  It’s a great piece of road to get this done.

Total mileage today – 6 miles.

The temperature during my run today was 45 degrees.  Long sleeve shirt, shorts and gloves was perfect!  The sun was shining – so, it really was a perfect morning for a faster run.  I’d be a happy, happy camper if the weather never got any colder than this!


A creek goes along this trail and road.  As you can see from the picture – it has been very dry.  This creek is definitely down.  Hopefully, we will get a little rain soon.

Well, that’s it for today.  Tomorrow will be a easy run – see ya after!

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