A Month In The Life Of A Streaking Runner – Day 4

Wednesday, October 4

Usually I am up before the sun to get my run in for the day.  Today, I had an early doctor’s appointment to do a retest – so, I decided to be lazy and sleep in until 6:15 and do my run after my appointment.  Yep, that’s sleeping in for me!

After my appointment, I had to do some things for Hubby for the DQ, so I didn’t get out to run until almost 11:00.  On the positive side – it was in the mid 50’s by then instead of the lower 40’s of the morning.

Today’s schedule was an easy 5 miler.  Went to my “trail” and did part on the trail – and part on another side road that is close by.  This road is where I do my hill work outs.  But, today, I just did the half mile uphill and then back down.

I’ve been doing this hill (and usually go farther up the hilly road) at least once a week.  I can really tell that it has helped.  The half marathon that I did weekend before last has some real hilly parts – I went up them much better than last year.

This year, I’ve gotten back to regular speed work and hill work.  I’ve been kind of lax in the area the last few years.  Really happy to push myself more than just long runs.  (Which I LOVE).

That’s it for today.  I know – kind of a boring day.  But, sometimes those are the best runs!


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