A Month In The Life Of A Streaking Runner – Day 5

Thursday, October 5

On the schedule today was an easy 4 mile run before my long run of the week tomorrow.

Hubby was having carpal tunnel surgery at 8:15 a.m. – so, that meant up at 4 a.m. to get the run in before having to have him at the hospital early.

I’ve run many mornings at that time due to one thing or another.  I know that some people may have just punted their run – but, that’s not the way that streakers are wired.  You get up as early as you need to get the run done.  There are some that would wait and run later.  I’ve never liked to do that.  You never know what’s going to happen during the day.  So, I always get it done first thing.

And, the crazy thing is – I love running first thing in the morning.  It gets the day started off right and makes for a great day.  Morning runners would agree that running first thing gives you more energy to handle anything the rest of the day.

This morning was absolutely beautiful.  50 degrees and a super bright full moon.  A nice, early run when most of the neighborhood is still asleep, bright full moon – it is just so peaceful!  I love it!

The 4 miles was pretty uneventful.  Slower than usual.  I find that I run slower when it’s dark.  But, that’s OK – you should have a few slow runs during the week!

That’s it!  Super early run before heading to the hospital.  And, by the way, Hubby came through the surgery fine!


A Month In The Life Of A Streaking Runner – Day 5 — 2 Comments

  1. Good for you! But I love my morning aerobics class. It’s easier to get out and going then. And feel great after. I enjoy my Saturday morning swim,too. If I don’t get going in the morning, things are not as smooth. Nice your husband/s surgery went fine.


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