A Most Unusual Age Group Award

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States.  It’s a day that remember all the blessings in our lives, get together with family and eat turkey!  Or, at least that’s how it is at our house.

But, it’s also a time of year that I remember the most unusual age group award that I ever received.   It’s something that I’d love to share with you!

Several years ago – OK, it was probably over 10 years ago, several of us traveled north of where we live here in Virginia to a 5 mile race.  This was a time where we were looking for a road race as often as we could.  So, this race popped up the week-end before Thanksgiving in a part of the country that is know for raising poultry.  And the name of the race was, appropriately enough, The Turkey Capital 5 Miler.

It was a beautiful autumn morning as we drove the hour plus to get to the race start.  The race was a rolling course through back roads.  It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful course.

I was feeling good and ran a great 5 miler at a 7:10 pace (I actually didn’t know it was that fast – I just looked it up).  It was a great race!  Most of our group race a really super race, so we waited around for the award ceremony.

Here comes the fun part of the story – the awards.  Remember – we are in poultry growing country.  The winners of each age group was presented with………a turkey!

I thought it was great!  And, I was lucky enough to get one!  I remember that I hadn’t bought my turkey for Thanksgiving – so I was super excited!  I’m not sure how many of us won turkeys that day – but we had more than one in the trunk on the way home!

That is one race that I’ll always remember for many reasons – but most of all – I loved the age group award.  And, it was really tasty!

Have you ever received something different at a race?  Leave a comment and let us know – I’d love to hear!

Run Happy!


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