3 Product Reviews Coming Up

As most of you know, I am a creature of habit.  I’m not thrilled about change – and I am totally an old school runner.  However, sometimes things happen that make me change up things that I do – or I just hear about something and want to try it myself. In the last few months, I’ve come across 3 products that I’ve become really excited about!  In the next few blog posts, I’ll share with you why I have come to love these and have incorporated them into my running. These products are Run Gum, Dry Goods Spray Powder and Protalus shoe insoles.  I only do product reviews when I like something – I guess it’s just a continuation of the positive me.  And, maybe because I always hear my mother saying, “if you can’t say anything nice……”.  Anyway, I do like all 3 of these products and I can’t … {Continue Reading… }

Running Gear – Review of R-Gear Come To Grips Bottle

This summer has been a quest to find the perfect hand held water bottle.  I don’t like the wear things around my waist when I run and I don’t want a back pack.  I also want a hand held that keeps me with aa natural arm swing.  Yes, I’m a little picky, but that’s what I’ve been looking for. I really liked the FuelBelt Spring 10-Ounce Palm Holder – but for longer runs, I was needing to refill it often. This has been especially true this summer as it’s been really hot and humid.  I still like this bottle and use it on my mid-length runs or when I’m doing fartleks. I tried a 20 ounce bottle that I really liked – but, after my first 2+ hour run with it – it really didn’t make me happy.  I put ice and water in my bottle and freeze it for about … {Continue Reading… }

Running Gear – Review Of Injinji Performance Toe Socks

Toe socks.  I’ll admit – I used to think that anyone who wore these were a little bit out there.  But, I broke down one day and bought a pair – and now I’m hooked!  I got rid of all my other running socks and wear Injinji Toe Socks exclusively! Here’s a review of them for you – good and bad points! Product Description: The Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks are a specially designed piece of footwear for athletes which separate out your toes as you train. If you train regularly, they are a great way to keep your feet comfortable and healthy as you run. The socks are constructed from a blend of soft, moisture-wicking CoolMax fabric, durable Lycra and nylon. This creates a breathable, lightweight, low friction, moisture free sock which promotes natural movement throughout your entire foot. It also encourages healthy circulation and prevents skin-on-skin contact between your … {Continue Reading… }

Running Gear – Review Of Knuckle Lights

Being an early morning runner – there are so many days that I’m out there running in the dark. Just this week, due to work obligations – my long run started at 5 a.m.  And, it’s so important to me to be seen by oncoming cars. So, I’m always on the look out for fun – and functional – ways of “lighting up”.  Reflective apparel is important to wear – but runners also need to have some sort of light so that they can see where they are going.  Even if you know that road, there are things that may pop up.  Branches on the road after a storm, potholes, dog “droppings”, etc. are all things that you don’t want to step in or get tripped up by. I know that there are some runners that carry lights – but I hate to hold anything when I run.  In the … {Continue Reading… }

Running Gear – Review Of Injinji Toe Socks

First of all, I want to admit something.  I bought the first pair of Injinji Toe Socks just knowing that I was going to hate them.  Yeah, I know – sometimes I just don’t have an open mind.  It was just foreign to me that you could be comfortable running with feeling the material between your toes. But, so many people have been wearing them – and loving them – so I decided to order a pair and try them.  And, I’m so glad that I did! I was at my Mom’s and had a short and easy run scheduled for that morning – so, I figured that it was the perfect day to try them.  What a surprise!  They felt great.  Since I was not used to putting socks between my toes – that took a minute or so. Off I went.  You know how it is when you … {Continue Reading… }