OMG, I’m Wearing Hokas!

Yes, I know…….you’ve heard me talk about them in the past.  I’ve never been a fan of Hoka One One Running shoes.  I tried them a few years ago – and they absolutely killed my legs.  All that talk of putting on a pair right out of the box and running 10 miles in them was hooey in my book. But, I also realize that what works for one person does not work for another. Not to get on my soapbox – well, OK, I am.  Running shoe companies really pi** me off.  You have a favorite shoe that you run in forever and then one day………it’s all changed.  Well, I’m afraid Asics may have done it to me for the last time.  I have run in the Asics Kayano series of shoes for more years than I care to remember.  Several years ago, they screwed around with the fit … {Continue Reading… }

The Great Shoe Dilemma

As of today, my next marathon is 36 days away.  This means at least 2-3 more long runs.  But, that’s not the problem.  My issue involves my shoes. Most runners who run distances rotate 3-4 pairs of shoes at the same time. One of the major reasons is so that one pair dries completely before you run in them again.  And, I’m no exception. Here’s my dilemma.  I’ve got one pair that I’ve done most of my long runs in.  They’re like a wonderful friend that I pull on and everything feels right.  But, these shoes have 350 miles on them right now.  I usually go about 400 – 450 on a pair of shoes before I retire them. I’ve started another pair – same brand and model – and went for 10 miles in them.  Felt good.  Like a soon to be old friend!    (I’d wear one of … {Continue Reading… }

Running Shoe Review – Asics Gel Kayano 19 – It’s A Great Shoe Again!

First of all, I love Asics running shoes.  I’ve been wearing Asics for more years than I can remember.  Today, I want to give you a running shoe review of the Asics Gel Kayano 19. I had been wearing Asics Kayanos for years.  They were an absolutely wonderful shoe for those running longer distances.  The stability and control were second to none.  And, I kept wearing them – and no other shoes. Then, as what usually happens with your favorite running shoe – Asics made a change in the shoe. And, it was absolutely horrible.  Or at least it was for me – and several others that I knew had been wearing them.  They just didn’t fit as well.  (Asics shoes usually slide right on and feel like your favorite pair of bedroom slippers right out of the box.)  I never could get used to these. So, I went several … {Continue Reading… }

Running Shoes – Don’t Buy Shoes Just Because They’re Cheap!

Today, I want to talk about something that is driving me crazy.  Yes, I’m on my soapbox again!    But it’s something that is so important for runners – and to keep them running for many years.  Or, as I say – a runner for life. And, the topic is shoes.  I keep getting messages about cheap running shoes.  That drives me crazy!  Trust me – your running shoes is something that you do not want to be cheap about.  Having shoes that fit correctly and are the right ones for your foot type is critical to you being comfortable on the roads.  Not to mention injury free. Go to a specialized running store and get properly fitted for shoes for your foot type.  There are basically 3 types of feet in runners.  For more info on that – here’s a blog post that I wrote about it: Just … {Continue Reading… }

Review Of The Asics GT-2000 Running Shoe

First of all, I’ve been wearing Asics running shoes for more years than I can remember. It seems like most of the time – and there have been exceptions – that putting on a new pair of Asics is like putting on a favorite pair of bedroom slippers. The Asics GT-2000 is no exception. And, yes, I’ll admit – I was drawn to them by the pretty purple color. If you’ve been running very long – you know that for years and years, running shoes have been pretty boring. All, white or cream with different color stripes or swooshes or whatever is on your brand. And the stripes were usually some sort of blue. A couple of years ago – stripes starting getting more colorful – I remember my first pair of slimer green ones. Then, last year – all the pretties starting coming out. Bright pinks, purples, greens – … {Continue Reading… }

Do You Spend More On Your Running Shoes Than Street Shoes?

This is a picture of my new running shoes!  Aren’t they pretty?  I can’t wait to run in them! My new shoes, though, did get me to thinking about something.  Runners can do some strange things.  Yes, I mean all of us – me included.  Our spending habits prove this. It’s important to wear good shoes when you run.  We all know that.  We try to get the best value that we can – but if you are running a lot of miles – you need to have a great shoe.  And, great shoes cost.  We find deals – but still usually end up paying anywhere from $75 – $100 easily for a good pair of running shoes. And, we don’t blink.  We know that we need the support and a well-made shoe so that we don’t get injured.  So, whether it’s Asics’ Gel, Nike’s Zoom Air, or New Balance’s ABZORB … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – What To Do With Those Old Running Shoes

If you’ve been a runner for any amount of time at all – I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  You run so many miles a week and the miles pile up on your running shoes.  You know that to keep from getting injured and to keep running well – you need to replace your running shoes every 300-500 miles. Your shoes, though, still look pretty good.  After you’re done running in them – you can wear the around when you’re not running.  But, trust me, after a while – they start piling up.  They’re still too good to throw away – so what to do with them? Well, good news!  There are several different organizations that take your old running shoes that are still in good shape and send them to underprivileged kids in this country and other countries.  These kids may not have shoes to run in … {Continue Reading… }

Interested In A Free Pair Of Running Shoes?

Running shoes are something that we all buy several pair of over a year.  And, we know what we spend on them.  Or, at least we should.  Running shoes are something that you shouldn’t skimp on.  You want a good pair to keep you running without injury and comfortably. So, would you be interested in a free pair or running shoes?  I know that I am!  I received an email from the people at Mizuno Running.  Here is part of it: “In the quest to deliver more brilliant running, Mizuno has recently launched the Mezamashii Run Project. One aspect of the Project is a running shoe giveaway. Over the course of the remainder of the year, Mizuno will give away thousands of shoes and exclusive invitations to join the Mezamashii Run Project to runners who are looking to experience more euphoric, brilliant, mezamashii running. Please go to and click … {Continue Reading… }

Review Of The Asics Gel-Phoenix Running Shoe

I’ve been wearing Asics running shoes now for more years than I care to remember.  Most of the time, they feel great right out of the box.  Through the years, Asics has tried to make certain models better and not done a great job (Kayano comes to mind – but it’s back to being a great shoe – but overall I’ve been more than pleased with my shoes. I needed a couple of new pair of running shoes and actually picked up 3 pair at the time.  One of the models that I picked up was the Asics Gel-Phoenix.  I had never run in a pair of Phoenix before, but I decided to give them a try.  (The sales person told me that they were good for my foot type.)  And, besides, they were a pretty slime green color! J  When I tried them on, they felt wonderful!  Even better … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Rotate Your Running Shoes

Running shoes are the most important thing to a runner.  So, you want to make sure that you are taking proper care of them.  One of the important things that I do is to rotate my running shoes. Rotating your runs between 2 pair of shoes helps you to prolong the life of your shoes.  Even if you are running on a day without rain or snow your shoes will get wet inside from your feet sweating.   Having another pair to wear on your next run will give them ample time to dry out before you wear them again. Also, when you run, the foam in your shoes will compress with … {Continue Reading… }