My Review Of Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder

Dry Goods is one of those items that I had to try because of necessity.  I’m usually such a detailed packer (I make a pack list before every trip) but, forgot to pack my Body Glide before our trip to Key West in January for the race.  I hoped that I could get by without it. The first night we were on the road I ran the next morning on the treadmill.  We were in an unfamiliar area and I was running well before daylight.  No problem with chafing.  (No matter how many miles I run – my thighs always seem to find each other.) However, the next morning in 70 degree weather – another story.  I knew that there was going to be a problem.  Yep, the following morning on my run – yikes!  But, I wasn’t too worried – I figured that I could find some Body Glide at … {Continue Reading… }

My Review Of Run Gum

Run Gum is one of those products that I tried basically out of curiosity.  I had seen the ads on Facebook and really didn’t pay any attention to them.  Then, I was listening to The Runner’s Connect Podcast and Tina Muir was interviewing one of the co-founders of Run Gum, Nick Symmonds.  Nick is a pretty incredible runner and in addition to his other accomplishments is a 2 time Olympic team member. I was very interested in what Nick had to say about the variety of items that he and Tina talked about.  Then, they started talking about Run Gum and how it came about.  First of all, Nick has a biochemistry background and is an elite runner – so, he knows that the body needs to perform at optimal.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail – but, you can read all about it at … {Continue Reading… }

A Letter To My Younger Running Self

Dear Younger Self: Guess what!  Here I am 58 years old and still running.  I’ll bet that you never thought all those years ago that we’d still be out there every day pounding the pavement.  But, we sure are!  And, still have our running streak intact!  Who would have guessed?    In fact, you even ran a 30 mile run a couple of years ago on your 30 year streak anniversary. Remember how you used to run early in the morning – then gave it up and started running in the evenings after work?  Well, you’re back to running super early in the morning again.  You finally learned that your life is just too crazy to chance running later in the day.  But, you really enjoy getting up and running when the rest of the neighborhood is asleep.  Seriously, you do! And, remember how you used to run speed work … {Continue Reading… }

The One Thing That I Never Run Without

There is one thing that you will never see me heading out the door without.  A cap.  That’s it.  Pure and simple.  No matter if it’s a day with shorts, tights, etc., there will always be a cap on my head with my pony tail hanging out the back! In the 70’s and 80’s, my hair was short and I always wore some sort of sweat band on my head while I was running.  I needed something to try to curb the sweat that was always tried to roll into my eyes.  I had all different colors of sweat bands and bandannas.  (Don’t laugh, it was the 70’s and 80’s)   The first time that I wore a cap during a run was sometime in the late 80’s.  I was having to wear my glasses instead of contacts for a while because of an eye issue.  One day I was … {Continue Reading… }

2016 – Year In Review

Has 2016 been a super crazy year for everyone – or just me?  I’m never one to wish my life away – it moves too fast as it is.  However, I’m am ready to be done with 2016 and ready to rock 2017! January started out pretty good.  Scheduled trip to Key West for the Key West Half Marathon. This was the 3rd year that I’ve done this race.  I love it for many reasons.  One of which is – hey, it’s Key West in the middle of winter! Anyway, race morning came with tornado warnings and a major rain and wind storm at start time. After a rain/storm/tornado delay we got started.  The race was going pretty well for me until I pulled something in my butt.  Not going to sugar coat it – it was a pain in the butt!  But, I’ve never DNF’d and I certainly wasn’t … {Continue Reading… }

Time To Set Those Running Goals For 2017

Here we are in the last week of 2016.  Can you believe that?  This year has flown by!   This is the week of the year that people sit down and make their goals for the new year.  And, running is no different.  You need to have your goals written down that you hope to achieve.  Without goals you are just winging it.  Just like driving to a destination.  If you don’t have a road map with a place to go – you’ll never get there. Here are some tips to help you with your goals for the new year.  And, yes – it is important to WRITE THEM DOWN! Make Your Goal Specific. You want to be specific about your goal. It’s not enough to just say, “I want to run faster” or “I want to run farther”. A more specific goal is “I will lower my marathon time … {Continue Reading… }

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

  A word of warning here – I’m about to get on my soapbox for a bit. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m on social media as myself and as The Streaking Runner.  I love trying to inspire and motivate runners.  I also love hearing runners’ stories and their accomplishments. However, there is a dark side, too.  There are so many runners out there posting their times, their distances, their streaks (yep, guilty), etc.  It’s easy to look at what everyone else is accomplishing and think that you’re not worthy.  I know – because I read their posts. Life was so much simpler “back in the day”.  We ran while listening to our bodies.  We pushed when we needed to push, we held back when our bodies told us to.  There was no pressure to keep up with what others were doing.  Unless we were running with them – … {Continue Reading… }

Ramblings On Another Streak Anniversary

Today is November 21st, the day after my Streak Anniversary!  Yesterday, I celebrated 31 years of running without missing a day.  The Streak Registry (yes, there is one – and I’m number 58 on the all time list) showed me as reaching this milestone on Friday – I guess due to extra days for leap year over all this time.  But, since I started my streak on November 20th, that’s the day that I always celebrate. So many people are flabbergasted when they hear that I’ve run that long without missing a day. It just doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I am super proud of my streak.  And, I think that my Hubby is prouder.  He is always telling someone about it. The reason that I say it doesn’t seem like a big deal is that running is just something … {Continue Reading… }

Race Weekend Recap – Outer Banks 8K

Race weekend and has come and gone.  If you read my last post – you know that I’ve been having a little knee issue and was torn about what race to do.  If you didn’t read about my angst – here’s the link: Thursday morning of race week found us on the road to the Outer Banks and our hotel in Nags Head.  My knee has been feeling pretty good and not much discomfort at all.  The aching at night has pretty much stopped, too.  It was never that bad ——just annoying. Anyway, y’all know how I am about Moe’s.  If there’s one close when it’s time to stop for lunch, that’s where you’ll find us.  I found one in Newport News and we took off the interstate.  Small problem.  It was 3 miles from the exit.  Oh, well.  Luckily, Hubby loves me.     Good news is that … {Continue Reading… }

Maybe I Am A Freak Of Nature

I came to the realization the other day that I am a freak of nature.  Yes, I know, there are those that already think that – but, I believe that I really must be. Warning – there’s a bit of rambling that’s going to happen!   First of all, there’s the whole streak thing.  I started my streak long before I knew that there were others doing it, also.  And, frankly, I really don’t think about it that much.  Running every day is something that I’ve been doing for so long – that it’s just something that I do.  Like getting out of bed and brushing my teeth.  It’s another day – it’s another run. I know that some think that’s kind of freaky – and maybe it is.  Whatever. But, that’s not what brought this on.  I’m in several running groups on Facebook.  Which brings up another subject that I’m … {Continue Reading… }