An Easy Way to Get Excited About Your Running Again

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions with your running?  Are you in a rut? No worries, we’ve all been there.

I was going through that myself just a little bit ago.  Now I’m an early morning runner – and most of the time I run by myself.  I’ve been doing that for years.  In fact, I only started running with others again when I started running with some of the runners that I coach.

I wasn’t in a funk because of running by myself – it was because I was in a rut with where I was running.  I would take off from my house and run the cul-de-sacs and surrounding neighborhoods. Unless I was doing a long run – then I would take different roads around the city.  My longer runs were not the problem – it was my shorter runs.  The going up and down the cul-de-sacs was really getting monotonous.  One side of me was bored to tears – but, there was a big part of me that really loved just heading right out the door.

OK, I’m beginning to ramble – I’ll get back to the point.

I decided to branch out and check out some other areas to run.  There’s a battlefield trail about 5 miles from my house.  Now, as you’ve heard me say before, I am NOT a trail runner – I can trip on even pavement, so I’m certainly not going to take my chances with roots and rocks, etc.  This trail is nicely crushed gravel.  It only goes for about 2 miles – but, it makes for a nice 4 mile easy day – or I’ve kept on going after the trail ends and run through that area. (Which incidentally is the area where Hubby and I lived when we first moved down here in 1986.)

Then, I started running on different greenways around town.  These greenways are nicely paved paths that most of the time run along the river.  Since I love listening to water and just love the calming influence of water – it’s been nice to do this.

I was just talking to Hubby the other night that changing the areas where I’m running has really rejuvenated my running.  I’m starting to run faster and loving the new sights.  He does want me to run with my phone more (which I HATE), but I do it on my longer runs.

So, if you feel that you are in a rut with your running – see if you can find some new places to run. It may mean getting up a little earlier; but, the change in environment may be all you need for a little boost!


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