Have You Ever Thought About Hiring A Running Coach?

Running CoachI’ve got to share with you something that I am super excited about!  I am going at the end of August to get my certification to become an “official” running coach!  I’ve been helping runners for years – but I’ve always wanted to go through the certification process and make sure that I am doing things correctly.

So, I’ve been watching the classes for the past year or so.  Most of them have been more than a day’s drive away.  Finally, one came up in Myrtle Beach.  OK, I know that it’s not really at my back door – but, come on – it’s Myrtle Beach!  So, I signed up!

I know that there are some of you that may be wondering why you may need a running coach.  There are several reasons that I feel some do.

First of all, there’s the accountability of having someone (besides yourself) that you have to answer to.  On those days that you may feel you are lacking in motivation – you know that you are going to have to answer to your coach.  That just may be the kick that you need to get out the door.

Your coach will also be there for support when you need someone to talk to after a run.  Whether it was one of those days that just didn’t go as planned or maybe you reach a new goal.  A coach is an excellent cheerleader.

A running coach will look at your running history, how fit you are right now – and will create a training program just for you.  The generic training programs that you find on the internet are not based on everyone’s fitness levels, etc.  Having a program that is made especially for you will help you to achieve the most out of your running.

Having a program especially done for you will help you to keep progressing.  The “cookie cutter” programs are a great place to start – but they are not made for everyone.  You may be more advanced or you may need one that is a little less strenuous.

A running coach will also help you with your nutritional questions.  What you may need to be doing during your long runs, hydration, and just help with eating overall for optimal performance with your running.

Those are just a few reasons that I feel a running coach can be helpful to runners.  And, to runners of all levels.  Beginning runners may need that help to get started correctly in their running programs to make sure that they don’t do too much too soon.  More seasoned runners may want a coach to help them to achieve certain goals such as a marathon.

I’m really excited to be getting my certification to be a coach.  I want to help all runners to get the most out of their running – and more importantly – to keep on running for all of their life!

Run Happy!


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