How One Cold Day On The Couch Led To A Puddle Of Cookie Crumbs And Regret

Now, before you start calling everyone that the streaking runner has finally missed a day – I’m not talking about me!  I’m talking about everyone who decided that it’s too cold, too windy, too whatever to get their run in.

As you know, I run every day – and I feel that doing something daily is so important to your success in running.  Or anything, for that matter.  This time of year, with the cold weather, you don’t want to be that person who becomes the couch potato.  Here’s his story.

What’s The Problem?

His problem is that it’s cold outside.  It’s windy – and while he knows he’ll feel better when he gets out there, he just doesn’t want to get bundled up.  What is one day off going to hurt?

So, he gets his bag of Chips Ahoy and heads to the couch to watch TV.

The next day.  It’s a little warmer, but still cold.  Our friend, Spud, decides that another day can’t hurt – it’s still cold.  It may snow.  Why get all bundled up for just a couple of miles.  I’ll get back at it tomorrow.  Besides, I have some cookies left.

Before you know it, Spud has gone the whole winter without doing anything.  No winter running at all – or doing anything!  He’s a few pounds heavier, he’s lost a lot of the fitness that he had – and his eating has totally gone downhill.

There he sits in the puddle of his chocolate chip cookies.  Not wanting to run, but wondering why he gets so winded now when he goes up the stairs.

What’s The Solution?

Do something daily!  Even if you don’t run every day, you should be doing something.  Whether you walk, use the bike, use the elliptical – you need to be doing something.  Yes, I know that it’s really cold outside – trust me, I hate it, also!

But, you know that those first few steps outside can be a little tough (OK, a lot tough), but you know how quickly you heat up – and how much better you’ll feel when you’re finished.  Not to mention the great feeling you’ll have knowing that there are some Spuds out there that are doing nothing.

And more good news – you don’t have to go outside.  That’s what treadmills are for!

Avoid Being Spud

When you keep up with your exercise – you really don’t even think about your nutrition.  You automatically eat better when you’re taking care of your body.  You’ll probably still have a cookie or 2 – but you won’t feel compelled to eat the whole bag!  Eating better just seem to comes naturally when you’re working out.

So, the moral of the story is – don’t be like Spud.  One day of being like Spud does matter.  Do something – even if it’s just a walk around the block.  I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to be the one that dissolved into the puddle of chocolate chip cookies – or Rocky Road – or whatever.  Don’t let that one cold day lead you to a life of regret like Spud.  I know that I’m not!  How about you?

Run Happy!


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How One Cold Day On The Couch Led To A Puddle Of Cookie Crumbs And Regret — 2 Comments

  1. This is my story. Every time I want to get back to a regular exercise routine, I stumble due to an excuse like its’s too cold, I went to bed late so need to catch up on sleep, I’ll make up for it tomorrow, etc.

    I find it a challenge to get back on the horse, as it were and get to exercising again :(

    • Victoria,
      That can be so hard. You can to train your mind, in addition, to your body so that you don’t listen to that little voice inside your head!
      Good luck!

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