I Am SO Ready For Spring!

Today was one of those “Oh crap, it’s cold days”.  It was 26 degrees and a little breezy.  Now, for all of you that live where that is a heat wave in the winter – I apologize in advance.  And, for this whole blog post.  But, I live in Virginia – not in the upper states.  It’s supposed to be a little warmer.

Anyway, I’m no stranger to cold weather running.  Many times in years past, I’ve run in frigid temperatures and not thought anything about it.  I’ve got all the appropriate winter running items – Yak Trax, balaclavas (neck warmers), etc.  Heck, I’ve even run when the actual temperature was minus 22 degrees – not wind chill – actual temperature.  HOWEVER, that was in the 80’s and I was 30 years younger.  :-)

I used to think that treadmills were for total wimp runners.  You’d never catch me on one.  Then, one year – Hubby bought one for me.  He was traveling out of town during the week and was afraid for me on the icy roads.  He was afraid that something might happen on icy roads.  To pacify him – when the roads were bad, I hit the treadmill.

What a wonderful thing!  No more worries about cars sliding into me – or not seeing me because they were concentrating on the road conditions.  I could still do speed work and hill repeats in the middle of winter when the roads were cooperative.

Then, I got a little older.  And, I think a little smarter.  If it was super windy and cold or super windy and rain – I headed downstairs to my nice temperature for a good run.  My treadmill because a good friend.

I’d still much rather run outside – and still do 99% of the time.  But, when it dips into the frigid temperatures – I’m usually inside.

The last couple of weeks – I’ve been trying to turn it back around.  Treadmilling only when it was below freezing and rainy – or the 30+ mph winds we’ve been having.  I even put in some hill repeats last week when it was in the low 30’s and drizzling.  I was so proud.

Which brings us to today.  When, I woke up around 5 and turned on The Weather Channel – 26 degrees.  Lovely.  But, not going to be a wimp today.  So, I put on my big girl panties and hit the road.  (It did help that I dug a new pair of shoes out of the box for a little incentive.)

I’ve been around enough to know – that if you can get over those first few steps and warm up a little – it’s fine. And, you feel super for getting it done.  It took a little extra today to warm up – but, I did and had a great 6 miles.

But, I am still definitely ready for Spring and warmer temperatures.  Bring it on!

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