I Broke All My Rules – And, Had A Great Week Of Running

Happy RunnerLast week was a good week of running for me.  I hit 50 miles a week in training.  I used to hit this and more consistently – but, for the last 5 or 6 years – I haven’t been able to.  Sometimes life – personal obligations and work – just seem to get in the way of mileage sometimes.  I hate that it does – but, it’s the truth.  Now, I’m still going to get my runs in every day no matter what. I may have to cut back a few miles from time to time – but, the run is going to happen.

Now, that I’ve hit the magic 50 again – I know that I’ll be able to keep at it.

The funny thing is – last week was one of those weird weeks where what I usually do to work up to a long run went all hinky.

First of all, I usually do my long run on Friday.  It just works out good for me and my schedule. I’ll do a couple of longish runs on Monday and Tuesday, a medium run on Wednesday and then an easy 4 before my long run.  My little taper before the long day.

Also, on the day before a long run, I make sure to get my carbs in.  For dinner, I’ll fix some sort of pasta – usually spaghetti or manicotti.  In the summer, I usually lay off of alcohol a few days before because of dehydration effects.

Last week, I had to change up my long run and do it on Thursday.  (Headed to Mom’s on Friday to take her to the State Fair all weekend.  Yay for Fair food!).

Anyway, on Tuesday, I whipped out a fairly hard 10.  Yep, 2 days before the scheduled long run.

Wednesday, Hubby and I always go out to dinner with a few friends.  The restaurant that we went to that night fixes killer drinks – and has killer burgers.  Come on – I’m only human.  I had a burger soaked in Buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles.  And, a couple of drinks.  (Yes, Pepsi was involved).

The next day, I was kind of wondering how my run would go – especially since it was a warm and humid morning.  Actually, it went great!  I wanted to do 17, but cut it short at 14 because I had to go into the DQ to work the kitchen for lunch.  After I worked a busy lunch at the grill and fryer – I finished off my run by doing my additional 3 miles.  I actually felt great for both runs!

It was strange – and I certainly wouldn’t suggest it – but, I broke all my rules and it worked.  Maybe I need to rework my rules!

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