Marathon Monday – Marathon Training Update For Week 4

running tipsWeek 4 is now history.  I know that I am still in the beginning stages of training for the marathon in November – but I’m feeling really good about everything right now.  Here’s a recap of the week.

Monday was rest day before long run tomorrow.  And, as usual, it was pasta night at our household.  This week was Manicotti.  I know that it may be all in my head – but I’d like to think my carbs the night before help for the next day’s run.

Tuesday was 10 miles on my schedule.  But, I was feeling pretty good – so pushed another mile. Felt good to run the 11!   Legs felt a little tired a couple of times during the rest of the day – but overall – feeling good.

And, the really good feeling is that even though 11 miles didn’t used to be that long for me several years ago – it was a push to get to it now.  I’m really happy that I’ve started down this training road again.  I miss running the longer mileage.

Wednesday is a scheduled rest day – so went out and did a nice and easy mile.  After my legs felt a little heavy yesterday – I wasn’t sure how today would do – even if it was short and slow.  But, it felt surprisingly good!

Thursday was an easy 3-miler that turned again into a speedy day.  Didn’t plan it – just felt good, so I decided to go with it!

Friday was short and easy.

Saturday was a 5-miler.  Ran a route that included some killer hills.  Wasn’t sure how it would go – but finished feeling strong.

Finished up the week with another Sunday run in the rain.  The 3 miles felt great – especially after yesterdays hilly run.

This week, I feel was a turning point for me.  The last few years has basically been just getting my runs in to get them in.  With everything that was going on in my life – I just really just going through the motions with my running.  This week – I could feel my old legs coming back!  I am really excited about that!

Well, that’s the update for this week.  I hope that you’re enjoying going on this journey with me.  If you are – I’d appreciate you leaving a comment and letting me know!

Run Happy!


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