Running Must Haves

Running is a simple sport – and you really don’t need a lot to things to get started.  However, there are a few things that you do need – and some that you will definitely want as you keep running!


Some of my favorite “stuff” that I can’t do without!

Garmin Forerunner 15



This is a nice entry level GPS watch by Garmin.  It doesn’t really have a lot of bells and whistles and that’s fine.  It will tell you how far you’ve run and the time.  It can also tell you your activity level for the day.  This is my go to watch for easy/daily runs.


Garmin Forerunner 225


Another very useful watch by Garmin.  This watch will give you a little more info – such as current pace.  This watch also has a great battery life.  I have run over 5 hours with this watch and still have about 50% of watch time left.  This is my watch when I am doing any time of speed work or for my long runs.  I also usually wear this watch during races so that I can keep track of my current pace.


ipod Shuffle


I love this little mp3 player!  I don’t run with my phone as I don’t want the bulk of a phone when I run.  Also, other mp3 players are just too big (in my opinion) to run with.  This ipod Shuffle is just the perfect size and will hold plenty of music and podcasts to get me through any run!



The Running Stick


This little stick is one of the things that have kept me running all these years!  I got my first one about 20 years ago and have been using it every since.  I also keep one at my Mom’s and I have a little one that I travel with.  It is great for self massage and I use mine daily!



My fav sunglasses


You should definitely wear sunglasses whenever you run.  Your eyes are also important to protect from UV rays.  Tifiosi makes excellent running eyewear.  I have several different pair.  They are comfy and look good, too!



Current Running Shoe Rotation


Asics Kayano 22

I have been wearing Asics shoes for years!  And, probably will be for many years to come.  The Kayano series are great shoes for higher mileage and are a great cushioning, stability shoe.  This is something that I need.  I over pronate with my right foot – so stability is important to me.  However, a nice ride is also – and Asics Kayano suits this perfectly!

Asics Kayano 21

In my shoe rotation – I also have a couple of pairs of the 21’s.  I like to buy shoes at the end of their run when you can get a good price on them.  Personally, I don’t care if they are “last year’s” color.  The fit and ride is what’s important to me.

(I usually have 4-5 pair of shoes in rotation at any time)





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