My Thoughts On The Continuing Lance Armstrong Story

Yes, once again Lance Armstrong is in the news again.  I am so torn by all of this – part of me wishes he would just go away quietly.

I’m a runner – and never really had an interest in cycling.  I would watch the Tour de France – even back in the Greg LeMond days.  I never wanted to ride – but always had a great respect for cyclists.  Especially those doing such amazing things as the Tour.

Lance Armstrong came along.  What a wonderful story!  He was an amazing athlete and then when he overcame cancer and still won the Tour – even better.  I became even more hooked on following cycling.  (I still never wanted to be a cyclist – but loved watching it!).

And, Lance became a runner.  How cool was that!  I thought he was great – cyclist, runner and then all the money that he helped raise for cancer.   I read every book that he wrote – he even talked about how healthy he had to live to fight his cancer.

Then, the first signs of rumblings about his doping came out.  I totally defended him. He was so picky about what he did to his body after his cancer treatments.  There was absolutely no way that he would do anything wrong.

Even when he was banned from cycling, I still defended his right to run in road races.  I thought that it was horrible that they wouldn’t let him run.  To me, running had nothing to do with the cycling thing – and besides, nothing had been proven and he was still proclaiming his innocence.  So, why shouldn’t he be able to run?

Well, I guess that I was totally wrong about everything.  I know that when heroes fall off their podiums we all feel something.  But, I’m so mixed with my emotions.

He raised all that money for cancer – we shouldn’t forget that.  And, what a great thing he has done through his foundation.

But, I just feel, I don’t know – cheated, let down, disappointed – about everything else. Lance Armstrong defended himself so strongly all those years that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.  And, now we find out that he was lying all those times.

I’m sure that this will keep going on for many years.  I also think that Lance Armstrong may also be doing all of this “confessing” to possibly help the foundation that he started. But, now that the hero has fallen – I can’t help but think that there may be a hidden agenda in there somewhere.

However, there’s still a part of me that hopes it all works out.  But, he has a lot of work to do.

How do you weigh in on this topic?  Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Run Happy!


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