OMG, I’m Wearing Hokas!

Hoka One One GaviotaYes, I know…….you’ve heard me talk about them in the past.  I’ve never been a fan of Hoka One One Running shoes.  I tried them a few years ago – and they absolutely killed my legs.  All that talk of putting on a pair right out of the box and running 10 miles in them was hooey in my book. But, I also realize that what works for one person does not work for another.

Not to get on my soapbox – well, OK, I am.  Running shoe companies really pi** me off.  You have a favorite shoe that you run in forever and then one day………it’s all changed.  Well, I’m afraid Asics may have done it to me for the last time.  I have run in the Asics Kayano series of shoes for more years than I care to remember.  Several years ago, they screwed around with the fit and I gave them up for awhile.

Then, I read that Asics had changed them back – so, I got a pair.  And, I was SO happy……they were comfy again!  So, I had a go-to shoe for years.  Until the 22’s came out.  Ugh!

Now, I have a narrow foot – but need a big toe box.  My toes like to not be scrunched during long runs.  Well, the Kayano 22’s narrowed the toe box – plus squeezed it down toward the foot.  Not a good fit.  And, the 23’s were not much better.

So, what did I do.  Went to every running store, online shoe place, etc. and bought every pair of 21’s that I could get my hands on.

I even messaged Asics and they were really not very responsive to a very loyal customer.

I began a quest for a new shoe that would make me happy.

At a local running store here in Roanoke (Run About Sports),  I was fitted with a pair of Saucony Hurricanes.  Not bad – they are doing pretty good.  Comfy and a nice toe box.

I was in Charlottesville for a race and went to a running store there that I like, Ragged Mountain Running Store, that has been around about as long as I’ve been running.  He put me in a pair of Hokas.  At first, I was skeptical – after all, I had tried them before and got rid of them as soon as I could.  But, he explained to me that Hoka had come out with shoes with more stability – which is what I need since I pronate in one foot.

He tried a pair of the Gaviotas on me – and I was in love!  They felt great!  I was worried about the 5mm drop since I usually run in 8mm -12mm drop shoes.  However………..

I even wore them in the 8K I ran the next day without any problems.  They have definitely replaced my beloved Kayanos.

After coming home, I did some research on the Gaviota.  They came out in January of this year providing a high level of pronation control and cushioning without excess weight usually found in stability shoes.  Before recently, Hoka One One mainly had neutral shoes, which didn’t work for me.  This shoe has the most pronation control of the Hoka line.

It has indeed made me very happy.  And, my long runs (I’ve run up to 13 in them so far) have gone great.

So, I take bad all the bad and horrible things that I said in the past about the Hoka One One line. I have found a pair for me.  And, then again, it shows that they listen to their customers who were obviously asking for such a shoe.

Now, if they just don’t screw it up……………….


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