Podcast – Running Excuses

Running PodcastIf you’ve been running for any amount of time – I’m sure you’ve heard them.  The excuses that others have for not getting a run in.  I say “others” because I’m sure that you don’t give running excuses – or should I say not running excuses!

In this episode of my podcast series – I talk about some of the main excuses that I heard.  We even address the big – “I don’t have time” – and some ways to get around that.  Enjoy!


I hope that none of those applied to you!  But, if they did – I hope that some of the things that I shared will be of some help!

As I said, excuses are merely a justification in your own mind for not doing something (running or other things in life).  So, get them out of your head!  No more excuses!

Run Happy!


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