Push Yourself In 2013!

After my first run of 2013, I am so excited for this year!  As I stated in my last post, this is the year that I’m getting back to my old running self!  Back to putting in the mileage that I used to do and back to going to many races a year.

I still believe that you should be listening to your body and having fun with your running – but one of your running goals for 2013 should be to push yourself a little bit with your running.  Push yourself that extra mile for your long run or if you’re running 2 or 3 days a week – push yourself to get in another day.  Or push yourself to start running hills or maybe a day where you do a little speedwork.

Now, you still want to make sure that you are doing it smartly so that you won’t get injured.  You don’t want to add more than 10% to your weekly mileage from one week to the next.  For example, if you are currently running 20 miles a week – only add 2 miles to your total mileage for the next week.

Back to my story – New Year’s Day I was at my Mom’s house in the town where I grew up.  There’s this road that goes down hill for several miles – I don’t know the percentage of the incline – but I know that it has to be pretty good.  I hadn’t run up this hill for several years.  Today, I decided to get it done!

So, early – well, it was later than I usually run – but early for not going to bed until late – I started out for my run.  I decided that this was the day that I’d attacked the hill.  Down the hill I went for a few miles, turned around and then back up!  It went great!  I felt super – and know that it was a super way to get the year started.  I pushed myself to do something – and I did it!

I suggest that you push yourself a little this year.  Now, don’t go crazy with pushing – but put out a little more effort a day a week and see what happens with your running this year. I’m sure that you’ll find that you’ll be happy that you did!

Run Happy!


P.S.  The help with your running goals – a great thing to do is to keep a running journal.  You can look back and see what training you did – or didn’t do – and your results from your efforts.  A super one to use is at http://budurl.com/runningjournal

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