Am I Really Becoming A Social Runner Again?

Part of the Couch to 5K group.

Part of the Couch to 5K group.

That’s the question that I’ve been asking myself the last several weeks.  Let me share with you why I’m asking that.

For many years, I ran 3 or 4 nights a week with others.  I had 4 guys that I was friends with and we all ran about the same speed.  These were fun (and sometimes a little competitive) runs.  I still consider these guys to be good friends – even though we lost one of them and I haven’t seen the others for years.  But, I know that we’d pick right up where we left off.

Then, as life always does, circumstances change and I became a solitary, early morning runner. And, I LOVED it!  I still do.  I love getting out early morning by myself.  It’s my total me time.  And, trust me – as an only child and having a crazy, busy life – it’s important.

My coaching clients were all virtual – so, running with them was not going to happen.  Well, at least not on a usual training week.  Then, I got several local clients who wanted me to run with them.  And, on top of that, I started working with one of the local running stores coaching their Couch to 5K runners.

I’ll admit it.  I’m having a blast!

It is so fun working with these ladies who have never run a step in their lives before now.  And, so fulfilling!

I ran a 5K with one of my runners last weekend – her first race ever!  And, she placed in her age group.  I was so proud of her.  Kind of like a proud mama when her child does well!

So, to answer the question – have I become a social runner again?  Well, yes and no.  I enjoy the runs with my runners – but, they’re later in the morning or the afternoon.  My early mornings – they’re still all mine!


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