My Review Of Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder

Dry GoodsDry Goods is one of those items that I had to try because of necessity.  I’m usually such a detailed packer (I make a pack list before every trip) but, forgot to pack my Body Glide before our trip to Key West in January for the race.  I hoped that I could get by without it.

The first night we were on the road I ran the next morning on the treadmill.  We were in an unfamiliar area and I was running well before daylight.  No problem with chafing.  (No matter how many miles I run – my thighs always seem to find each other.)

However, the next morning in 70 degree weather – another story.  I knew that there was going to be a problem.  Yep, the following morning on my run – yikes!  But, I wasn’t too worried – I figured that I could find some Body Glide at the race expo that afternoon.

Well, as luck would have it, the running store set up didn’t sell Body Glide; but, they had something called Dry Goods.  It was in a can and it sprayed on the area you need to take care of. I asked in detail about it – and they said that it worked just the same as BG – but, better.  Yeah, I know, he was trying to make a sale – but, I was pretty desperate, so I bought a can.  It couldn’t hurt.

The next morning, I sprayed some on the spot where I rubbed myself pretty badly the day before and off I went. It’s kind of like baby powder in a can.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I never hurt at all.  In fact, I had even forgotten about it. I used it on race day and all was great!

There are some things that I like – and things that I dislike about Dry Goods.

First of all, I like the ease of putting it on.  It goes right where you spray it.  And, the can performs well even when you hold it upside down.  (Have you every tried to spray something between your legs and try to keep the can upright?)  It forms a nice layer of protection.

Downside to that, you have to make sure that you hold the can 8 inches from where you want to spray it.  If not, you will get a white spot.  It’s just the powder and will wear off – but, still.

Another down side is that it’s a little pricey.  A 5.4 ounce bottle is $14.00.  (The travel size is $8 and 2.1 ounces.)  However, since I’ve just started using it – I really don’t know how long it will last.

I do like the fast that it is light and goes on dry.  That’s something that bugs me about Body Glide – I don’t like the ookiness of it.  Dry Goods, to me, is much better.  It’s not sticky at all.

When you first spray it on – it seems a little cold.  But, after you use it awhile, your body is prepared for the cold.

I’ve talked to some that love Dry Goods for their feet.  They have problems with chafing on their feet from sweat on long runs.  This takes care of that.  My guess is because it’s like a talcum powder.

Some guys also use it in their private area.  It seems to work well there, also.  I’ll take their word for it!   I guess the term Dry Goods.  :-)

Overall, I like what I’ve experience so far with Dry Goods. I’m looking forward to longer runs in the warmer weather to see how it performs.  I also am anxious to see how it does where my arms sometimes rub.  When this can is empty – I do plan on buying it again.  I just really like the way it feels on and how it made me feel better right away.

Give it a try, we runners are always open to try new things.  And, they usually cost a lot more than $14!


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