My Review Of Run Gum

Cinnamon-12-Pack Run GumRun Gum is one of those products that I tried basically out of curiosity.  I had seen the ads on Facebook and really didn’t pay any attention to them.  Then, I was listening to The Runner’s Connect Podcast and Tina Muir was interviewing one of the co-founders of Run Gum, Nick Symmonds.  Nick is a pretty incredible runner and in addition to his other accomplishments is a 2 time Olympic team member.

I was very interested in what Nick had to say about the variety of items that he and Tina talked about.  Then, they started talking about Run Gum and how it came about.  First of all, Nick has a biochemistry background and is an elite runner – so, he knows that the body needs to perform at optimal.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail – but, you can read all about it at

Anyway, they knew that the body uses caffeine to perform optimally – but, you needed to drink large quantities to get the amount that you need.  So, they worked on finding an efficient way to get it absorbed quickly.  Thus was born Run Gum.

I’ve gone through a whole container of it now – and I’m hooked.  And, have ordered another 2 more.  I first tried it during the Key West 5K.  I took 2 pieces before the race and got rid of it about a mile in (first trash can I found).  I really do think that it gave me a boost of energy.

I’ve been chewing a couple of pieces before my mid-length to longer runs – and have been pleasantly happy!

They suggest chewing one to two pieces before a workout and then afterwards for recovery.  Yes, caffeine is good for recovery, also.  However, as I’ve been researching – I’ve read about many who have taken a piece or two during events and got a bolt of energy just like a gel – but, without the mess that can happen.

I am going to start trying it during long runs to see for myself.

Now, I do need to tell you something.  I am not usually a gum chewer.  When I was a kid, I would put a piece of gum in my mouth and chew it only until the flavor went away.  As I got older, I hated listening to people chomp on gum – so, I just stay away from it.  Well, except now for Run Gum! :-)

Here are a few of the things that I really like about Run Gum:

  1.  It’s caffeine.  I’m a caffeine person (remember I’m the Pepsi runner) and I like that this gets caffeine into my system quickly.
  2. It’s sugar free.
  3. It has 0 calories.
  4. It’s cinnamon.  Now, they have 2 other flavors – but, in my little world, nothing beats cinnamon.
  5. It tastes good.

If you run long distances, but have trouble with gels bothering your stomach – this may be your answer.  No problems at all!

Run Gum comes in Cinnamon, Fruit and Mint flavors.  So, if you’re not the cinnamon freak that I am – you’re covered!

I highly recommend Run Gum.  And, this is coming from a person who is an old school runner, who hates change and doesn’t normally chew gum.  So, what are you waiting for?  Give it a try!


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