Running Motivation – Get New Running Gear

I know that this sounds silly – but it always works for me!  When your running motivation is lacking – go out and buy some new running clothes, or some running gadget, and just see what happens!

This especially works for me during the colder months.  Some days when it’s so cold – there’s a major part of me that just wants to put on shorts and head down to the treadmill. But, if I buy some pretty new bright running jacket or tights – it’s like a transformation happens.  I want to go outside and try out my new clothes.  Yes, it’s goofy – but it works!

This fall I bought a few tops and a cap that had cute little LED lights that really illuminated the path in front of me.  I could not wait for super early dark morning to get out and try them out.

And, you know what happens when you buy a new pair of running shoes.  When you get them – you may have already run that morning – but you’ll lace up those new shoes and go out for a short run.  You just HAVE to try out your new shoes.  Admit it – you’ve done it!

The same thing happens with any time of running gadgets.  Buy a new running watch and see what happens.  If you buy a fancy GPS watch – you want to run long to test your splits or to see your average for your total run – or, depending on your watch – you can load your workouts and have a graph of your progress.  Now, tell me that doesn’t make you want to head out the door to start collecting data!

I’ve never been one to carry water on me.  I just never liked the idea of carrying water around my waist – I don’t even like fanny packs when I’m not running.  But, I found a little hand held that I fell in love with.  I could not wait for my next long run to try it out.

I know that it sounds crazy – but if you feel the motivation lacking in your running – go out and buy yourself something new.  You don’t have to do something expensive – it could be something as simple as a new pair of running socks.  But, try it.  I know that it has worked for me!

Run Happy!


Here are some of the things that I talked about that get me excited to run!

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