Running Motivation – Give Yourself A Reward!

That’s right!  A great way to stay motivated to get out the door for your run is to reward yourself for a job well done!  Here is how the “reward” method of running motivation can work.

First of all, give yourself a goal.  You can make it a weekly mileage goal, a monthly mileage goal or it can even be running for so many days in a week.  Make it fairly easy to attain – but do make it something that you will have to stretch a little bit to reach.

Then, decide what your reward will be.  For myself, the harder the goal – the greater the reward.  There are several things that you can use as a reward:

1.  A new article of running clothes.  If there’s that really nifty pair of shorts that you’ve been eyeing – when you reach your goal – go buy them!

2.   A massage.  Another one of my favorite ways to reward myself.  If I’m training hard for something and I’ve reached a goal – I love treating myself to a nice massage.  It’s a great motivator!

3.  Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.  Or if you eat super healthy – it might even cutting loose with your favorite “bad for you food”.

4.  Your reward can be as simple as some yummy chocolate chip cookies.  Or, in my case – a bag of Doritos!  Or maybe your favorite splurge is ice cream.  Whatever it is – it’s a great reward!

5.  A glass of wine or a nice cold beer after a hard run.

6.  Treating yourself to some good old fast food.  It’s alright to eat bad once in a while!  Besides, we run it off!

7.  If you’re running long on Saturday or Sunday, you could reward yourself with a nice doughnut.  It’s a great motivator when your about mile 17 out of 20.  Knowing those Krispy Kreme’s are there waiting on you!

8.  Buy some nice running bling!  I love wearing my running jewelry.  And, I will buy a new piece from time to time to reward myself!  I wear one of my running necklaces all the time!  I never take it off.

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9.  Sign up for another race.  If one of your goals was to run a race – and you trained and finished – a super way to reward yourself is to sign up for another one.

10.  Buy a running book.  This is a 2-fold purpose.  You’ve rewarded yourself for your goal – and the book will continue to motivate you in the future!


As you can see, there are many ways to reward yourself after a job well done.  So, make your goal – and go for it.  And, then treat yourself!  After all you deserve it!

Run Happy!


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