Running Motivation – Listen To Music

Lacking running motivation applies to more than just not wanting to get out the door. That’s true for many.  Some days (for a number of reasons) you just don’t want to go running.  However, if you’ve been running long enough, you also know that if you can just get that first mile in – the rest of the run will be much better.

Sometimes lack of running motivation occurs on the run.  I know – it’s happened to me. And, there’s a couple of ways it can strike.  I’ll have a 20 miler scheduled – and I’m really psyched for it.    But, something will hit me.  I just don’t want to finish the run.  So, I have to dig deep to get it finished.  Or, it might be that I’m just doing an easy 4 or 5 miler and just feeling “blah”.  Ever feel that way?

What helps me?  Music!  Now, don’t get into the argument with me about not wearing headphones when running.  I know the risks – but I also know how to wear them safely. I don’t have the music so loud that I can’t hear traffic or other sounds around me.

Public service statement finished – now on with my story.

I love my ipod!  My hubby got it for me several years ago.  At first, I wasn’t thrilled about it – but I got over that quickly!  He got me the Shuffle – which is perfect for runners.  It’s small and you don’t even know that you’re wearing it.

Here’s the one that I have:

And, I firmly believe that my ipod is alive and in tune with me.  Yeah, I hear you saying I’m crazy – but it’s true.  I can be working hard to get up a steep hill – or trying to get in that last fast interval and the next song that plays on my ipod is one of the Rocky Themes or Eye of The Tiger.  Now, tell me that my ipod is not aware!  :-)  I know that you think I’m crazy and making that up – but it has happened on several occasions.

I’m a big 70’s/80’s music fan.  In addition to Rocky, Chariots of Fire, etc.  my ipod is full of arena rock – REO Speedwagon, Styx, Bon Jovi, Journey, Kiss.  And, I will also admit that I’m a disco fan.  Don’t laugh.  Be in a bad mood or tired and put on a disco beat.  See how it perks you up?  Try it!

If you currently run without music – and you’re having a little problem with motivation and getting through those runs – listen to some music.  I’m almost positive that it will help you!

Run Happy!

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