Running Motivation – The Rest Of My Tips!

runner girlFor the last few posts – I’ve been sharing with you some tips for staying motivated with your running.  Even my favorite – which I know isn’t for everyone.  In case you missed it – here’s a link to that post and podcast – my running motivation.

Today, I’m just going to list some more ways that I think are great ways to stay motivated:

  • Race for a charity.  A great way to keep up that motivation is to enter a road race to raise money for a charity.  Knowing you are helping others feel super
  • Run with a friend.  Many runners need to have that someone to push them out the door.
  • Keep a running log.  It’s great to look back and see what you’ve accomplished.  And, nobody wants to look back and see blank pages! :-)
  • Run without a watch.  Occasionally, just go out and run for the fun of it!  No times, no distances – just run!
  • Yard sale runs.  On Saturday mornings, run around the yard sales close to you.  Those having them will gladly hold any treasures you may find until you can get back with your money.  These can be fun.
  • Run somewhere different.  If you head out the door and run the same route over and over – day in and day out, it can get old.  Mix it up.  Head down a different road.  Drive to a park or another neighborhood and run there.  The change of scenery will help!
  • Have running affirmations or mantras.  Here’s an article that I wrote about them: running affirmations.
  • Write down your goal and post it somewhere (or many places) that you can see it. The bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, your car dash, etc.  Having that goal written down definitely helps!
  • Volunteer for a race.  Seeing the excitement and the courage and the determination on the faces of other runners will stir up something inside of you.
  • Remember why you started running in the first place.  Was it to get healthy, lose weight, be able to have more energy for your family – always remember that!

If you have times when it’s hard to get out the door – just remember – that it happens to everyone.  It’s how you deal with it – and don’t let it keep you from running is what’s important!  Hopefully, these posts over the last couple of weeks will help you whenever it happens to you!

Run Happy!


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