Common Sense and Running – It’s Soapbox Time Again!

common sense Well, it’s time to get on my soapbox again!  :-)  Actually, I’m normally a very positive person – but, some people need to get some common sense when it comes to running and running etiquette. (Now, if you do any of these – I’m sorry to be stepping on your toes).

Please have common sense when listening to your music on your runs.  Runners who listen to music on their runs – WITHOUT earbuds drive me crazy. This happens in races and on the greenway.  Not all of us like your taste in music.  I don’t expect everyone to like the music that I listen to.   And, if I can hear your music over what I’m listening to with my earbuds – your music is also too loud.   Of course, on the other hand, it makes me run faster to get ahead of them.

Another thing that drives me crazy is when someone holds conversations while they are in a race. In a half marathon last year, I was going back and forth with this girl who just kept yakking on her phone. (And, it wasn’t any emergency – she was just chatting with someone).   First of all, it’s annoying.  Like your music – I don’t want to hear your conversation.  Secondly, if you can hold a conversation – you may not be running your race hard enough.

A third thing that gets me crazy is runners who will just all of a sudden stop dead during a race to take a picture or selfie.  Now, that’s fine to take a picture – but, take a quick glance around to see if anyone is behind you before you stop.  I’ve run into the back of many a runner when they’ve done that.  And, I particularly love it when they look at me like it’s my fault.  (Yes, a few choice words run through my head).  Please – stopping dead during a race is not using common sense!

Think about what you’re doing during a race also applies to oncoming runners.  During a race that I ran a few weeks ago – it was all I could do to not scream at this person.  It was an out and back course with a 5K, a 10K, a half marathon and a marathon.   All runners going out were on the right side of the road except for one.  She kept hugging the left side of the trail.  Didn’t care that runners were coming at her – and those winning their races.  She stayed right there in their way and they had to move.  Definitely not cool!

OK, I’m done.  Ya know, my husband says that common sense is dying and I think he’s right.  Or maybe I’m just getting old and crotchety!

What about you – does anything drive you crazy during races?


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