Running Podcast – Coming Back From Plantar Fasciitis

running podcastAt the beginning this year, I managed to come down with a severe case of plantar fasciitis.  I had it one other time before years and years ago – but this time it was much worse.

The reason I feel it struck me again was because of altering my running gait due to icy roads.  I was out of town and unable to run on a treadmill for a few days.  There were icy spots on the road in the mornings – so I ran a little differently to keep from sliding and falling.

I was alright for a day – then a couple days after my icy runs – it hit me.  I was in the middle of a run and such a pain in my heel.  It was all I could do to hobble home.

It took a few months to completely recover – but I’ve gotten my long run built back up to 10 miles and feeling great!

Lately, I’ve been contacted by several runners that are dealing with plantar faciitis right now.  So, I decided to go through what I did in this week’s podcast.  Here’s my story of coming back from plantar fasciitis.


So, that’s my story.  That’s how I recovered and starting building my mileage back up after plantar fasciitis.  I hope that I can help you in some way if you are dealing with it now.  It takes a while – but just keep at it.

If you’d like the link to the video of stretches that I did – just leave a comment here with your email and I’ll send you the link.

And, if you are dealing with plantar fasciitis – I hope that it gets better real soon for you!

Run Happy!


Also, here are the links to the sleeve that I wore to help and the exerciser machine that I used.



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