Running Podcast – Nutrition For Runners

Nutrition.  It’s something that all runners need to think about.  I’m not the best in this department – I freely admit that.  I eat pretty well – but, there are areas that I know that I need to work on.

And, I’m a junk food junkie.  I’ve curbed it back a lot – but I still love a good bag of Doritos from time to time.  I’m from the old school – that ‘s why I run – so I can eat!

But, I am aware of the fact that the better I eat – the better I run.  So, as I said – nutrition is something that I work on!

Nutrition for Runners is the topic of today’s podcast.  I even talk about a salty junk food that is actually good for runners!  :-)


I hope that helps a little with your nutrition for your running.  Here is the link that I talked about to download the recipes for runners:  Enjoy!

Run Happy!

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