Do You Have Any Running Quirks/Superstitions?

Running CapsI got to thinking the other day about some of the rituals that runners go through.  Some runners have certain things that they do before a race – some before every run.  I started thinking about some of the quirky things that I do regarding running.  And, also some quirks I have about races.

First of all, I’m a major stickler for the way I put on my socks and shoes.  Always right foot first – then left foot.  This isn’t only for my running shoes, I do this for every shoe that I put on.  Not sure why, just something that I do.

Another thing – I will always wear a cap. I love my caps – they keep the glare of the sun out of my eyes, they keep the rain out of my eyes and………well……they help make my sunglasses fit better on my head!

Regarding races, I will never wear the shirt that they give you at the race while running that race. Years ago, it was something that was just never done.  Now, you see it all the time – but, I still won’t do it.  Bad mojo.  Another thing – if I did not actually run the race – I will not wear the shirt.  I have a couple of shirts that were mailed to me when I couldn’t make the race.  Yes, it was extremely nice that they sent me the shirt – but, I won’t wear it.  I didn’t earn that shirt.

Now, for my biggest quirk.  I will only end a run with an even mile.  No, 6.7 or 3.5 – nope, it has to be 7 or 4.  I am the person that you will see running in front of their house a couple of times until that even mile is reached. I ran an 8K and told Hubby that I’d be right with him – I had to make sure that I ran an even 5 miles.  When I run a half marathon or marathon – I will make it even with a cool down or warm up.  I know – I’m weird.

That’s about it.  I’d love to hear if anyone has any quirks.  Surely, I’m not the only one!

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