Running Tips – Review Of The Saucony Kinvara Drylete Sportop

All of a sudden I’ve been on a buying spree for new running clothes.  I’ll go for a long time without buying a thing – and then I go crazy.  OK, to be honest – one of the sprees was financed by my wonderful hubby!

We were out of town for him to do some pre-op stuff before his knee surgery.  There’s a really cool running shop there that’s been in business for years.  Hubby surprised me by going there before his appointment and bought me several things.

One of the things that I picked up was this great top by Saucony – The Saucony Kinvara Drylete Sportop.  I’ve been looking for some nice looking tops that are nice and cozy – I hate being cold!  This top really caught my eye!  First of all, yes, I loved the slimer green color!  It was available in bright pink, also, but I loved this color with the magenta accent piping.  And, it’s nice and soft to the touch.

OK, enough about fashion – let’s talk function.  I wore it for the first time the next morning.  The temperature was in the low 30’s.   I put on a base layer and this top over it.  I stayed nice and dry and warm.  The nice thing about this top is that it could also be used on a fall morning where the temperature was not as cold as a standalone top.

This top has something that I’ve really come to love on running tops – thumb holes.  I love them!  They keep the top from riding up – and keep wind out!

Now, another fun part of this jacket.  On the sleeve is a removable light source – an LED light.  If you press it once – it shines a continual light.  If you press it twice – it blinks.  A great way for oncoming traffic to see you!

And, the super part about this little light is no batteries!  It opens up to be a USB that you can plug into your computer to recharge!  Love it!

I really love the fact that running clothes are becoming fun again.  Years ago, we had brightly colored tights and tops – and then everything went white or black for so long!  Saucony has come out this year with some brightly colored clothing – and I’m loving it!

If you are in the market for a nice looking, warm top – that will also make you visible – I highly recommend you check this jacket out.  You can find it at:  I love mine, can you tell?

Run Happy!


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