Running Week In Review – February 4 – 10

Well, this was a week that I really pulled up my big girl panties for a couple of runs!   :-)

Monday – An easy 4 miles.  Nothing unusual.  Just a nice rest day run.

Tuesday – 16 miles for long run day.  Normally I’m at Mom’s on Tuesday but I had just taken her back to her house over the weekend.  So, changed up my long run to today.  A little chilly – but, the run felt great!  Afterwards, went by the DQ and had Hubby fix me some lunch!


Wednesday – 5 mile recovery run.  Another run that was pretty normal.  And nice and easy.

Thursday – Easy 4 mile rest day.  Pretty cold, but run felt great!

Friday – A frigid 6 miles.  One of those days that I normally would have hit the treadmill.  But, I decided to pull on a new pair of shoes and hit the road.  You know you always feel better when you do.  But, it did take a couple of miles to warm up and for my fingers to not be frozen.  But, a nice run with some hill repeats.

I grabbed a new pair of shoes out of the box for incentive to head out in the cold!

I grabbed a new pair of shoes out of the box for incentive to head out in the cold!


Saturday –  7 miles in 38 degrees and raining.  The run felt great – but, there were a couple of times when I was wondering why I wasn’t on my nice, dry treadmill.  Even the ducks were taking cover!  I ran under an overpass and the ducks were there, also.  Yeah, I was in the rain and the ducks were out of the rain.  Oh, well.  This was one of those runs that I was really proud of myself when I was done!

Definitely a wet run!

Definitely a wet run!


It was a good week of running.  No glitches – new shoes – 45 miles.  How was your week?



Running Week In Review – February 4 – 10 — 2 Comments

  1. It was great. Got a couple of back to back long runs in over the weekend mostly dirt roads and single track trail full of challenging terrain. I have to say the weather out west is currently much better than central Virginia and the east.

    • Rob, the weather here has been crazy! It’s been so cold! Now, it’s getting even weirder. It was 64 when I went running this morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be an icy mix. Go figure!

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