Race Recap – Jackson River Scenic Trail Half Marathon

Last Saturday I did something that I never thought that I would say.  I ran a trail half marathon! Now, don’t get too excited – yes, it was a beautiful trail through the woods and along the Jackson River.  It’s finely crushed gravel that is built on an old railroad bed.  Not the roots and rocks of a trail that most of you think about.  (I’m too klutzy to do those trails). The race started and finished at the Intervale Trail Head of The Jackson River Scenic Trail in Covington.  It was actually a perfect location for me.  Covington is an hour from home and is on the way to my Mom’s house (1/2 hour from her).  So, I made this weekend my “Mom’s Chores” trip for the week.  I stayed at Mom’s Friday night so that I had 1/2 hour less to drive on race morning.  Picked up my packet at the … {Continue Reading… }

Now We’re At Plan C

This weekend is the weekend that I’m supposed to be running the Outer Banks Marathon. This is a super great marathon and I was really looking forward to running  it again.  And, you know me, always on the lookout for a destination race!   Well, I tweaked something in my knee (walking – not running) and was having some weirdness when I ran.  It wasn’t a sharp pain – more of a discomfort and aggravation.  So, I decided to back down the training and do the half marathon this weekend instead. Meanwhile, my Chiropractors – yes, I have 2 – they are partners – looked at me and said that there was no reason that I couldn’t run.  One of them used to work with a college track team.  So, I just cut back on the mileage.  Both of them pretty much agreed it was a kneecap tracking issue. The … {Continue Reading… }

Race 13.1 Roanoke Recap – Slowest Half Marathon Ever – But, I Had A Blast!

Last Saturday was the latest half marathon in the Race 13.1 Series Races – and was held right here in my hometown of Roanoke.  So, of course, I had to do it. Now, to start my story – I’ve been fighting a little “glitch”.  I really don’t know what it is.  It’s mostly in my butt, and a little bit on the top of the back of my leg.  So, somewhere between glute, SI or hammy.  Running doesn’t really bother it – it is just an annoyance when I run.  What hurts the most – and I mean hurt – is when I’m driving.  And, considering I drive 1 1/2 hours each way to my Mom’s every week……well, let’s just say it gets downright uncomfortable. I’ve been doing exercises for all 3 – plus Piriformis exercises.  And, seeing my chiropractor a couple of times a week.  The week of the … {Continue Reading… }

Race 13.1 Richmond – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well, another half marathon is done.  Race 13.1 Richmond was held on Saturday at the Richmond International Speedway.  First of all, before I get started – I just want to say that I absolutely love the Race 13.1 series.  They usually have their act together and put on a great race.  I’ve done several of their races over the last few years – and I’ve enjoyed them all! That is the one of the “good” parts of my story.  These guys are great, well-organized and are obviously runners themselves. I’d been watching the weather all week.  It looked like it was going to be 100% chance of rain. But, we all know that the weather forecasts have been wrong in the past – and I’m sure will be into the future.  This time, they were spot on.  Race morning was about 55 degrees, rainy (downpours at times and windy).  Dressed … {Continue Reading… }

I’m SO Confused!

Tomorrow Hubby and I are heading out of town for a half marathon.  And, it looks like I will be packing running clothes for a week.  Let me tell you why. First of all, it’s May.  It’s supposed to be warm.  Running when it’s warm is SO easy to dress for and to pack for.  You take a pair of shorts, a singlet, a cap, sunglasses, shoes, socks and you’re ready to go.  That’s another reason why I love Summer running.  No decisions.  You don’t have to think about how long you’ll be running to gauge what to wear and how to layer.  No math…..let’s see it’s 40 degrees….dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer ……..but, it’s cloudy…….so……..   You know what I mean. Anyway, the temperature at race time is supposed to be 50 degrees.  Normally, that’s pretty good for a longer road race.  HOWEVER, there’s 100% chance of rain … {Continue Reading… }

Race Recap – Race 13.1 Charlotte

Last weekend, Hubby and I headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, for another half marathon put on by Race 13.1.  This is the 3rd race of this series that I’ve done this year.  I absolutely love their races!   Well organized and great communication! Another race where I had been anxiously watching the weather all week.  The forecast was not looking good.  And, it really didn’t change too much during the week before.  So, I was getting ready for a soggy race.  (Didn’t I just go through this a couple of weeks ago?) Got to the hotel, checked in and got unpacked.  We had passed an outlet mall with a couple of running stores – so, even though I said we didn’t need to go – Hubby said we needed to go.  So, we did!  I got a new running top at the Nike store and a new pair of shoes … {Continue Reading… }

Race Recap – Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon

Every year for the first two weeks of September, Hubby and I go to the Smoky Mountains for our annual vacation.  There are two car shows – one the weekend after Labor Day and one the following weekend.  (Remember – that’s my Hubby’s passion – he restores and show classic muscle cars). So, a few years ago, we started coming down Labor Day and staying for both shows. It’s always a nice time away for us.  Summers are crazy with our business and we can never get away.  So, this is a nice time away.  There’s always a couple of days that we take off to go up into the mountains with a picnic lunch and just sit by the creek all day.  Always my best day!   Meanwhile, back to the race! This race had the option to have your packet mailed to you – which worked out great … {Continue Reading… }

Next Half-Marathon Is Scheduled

If you’ve been reading here for the last few months, you know that my running had been somewhat limited for the last year or so.  I’ve been slowly building my mileage back up and I’ve been sharing that with you along the way.  And, I plan on continuing to do that. Sunday I registered for my first race in quite a while.  I’m going to do a half-marathon in October about an hour and a half away.  I’m really excited about it – and now I’m registered and even more motivated to get back to my normal mileage. Scheduling a race for yourself is a great way to get motivated and stay motivated with your running.  And, for me – a half-marathon is the perfect distance.  It’s long enough to need to make a commitment to get the long runs done.  I’ve really come to love the half-marathon distance.  13.1 … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Picking My Next Winter Destination Race

Up until this year, I always have run a marathon or half-marathon in Florida during January or February.  I live in Virginia and these are really cold months here.  And the older I get the more I hate the colder weather. So, I started planning a winter destination race in Florida during this time.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  The first one is pretty clear – I just want to get out of the cold weather for a week or so.  I love Florida and I love being there in the winter! Second of all, having a marathon or half-marathon to do the beginning of the year keeps me running longer distances through November and December.  Now, I’ll run everyday anyway – but without a schedule or a plan – I’ll just run a few and be happy. With a race on the plan, I know I … {Continue Reading… }

A Great Half-Marathon Training Program

Since we talked about training for a half-marathon in our last post – I did some digging into half-marathon training programs.  I came up with a wonderful one that I’d like to review for you. Even though I’ve run many half-marathons, this program sounded so good to me that I bought it myself.  I am SO glad that I did.   In addition to the training program itself, it came with some wonderful bonuses – which I’ll get into in just a bit. This program was writtenby Jago Holmes.  Jago is one of the North of England’s top Personal Trainers and Weight Loss Experts.  Owner of New Image Fitness Ltd, which is currently one of the largest independent personal training studio networks in Yorkshire they work with over 150 clients each and every week. He is a fully certified personal trainer with over 8 years personal training experience.  So, he definitely knows what … {Continue Reading… }