Race Recap – Jackson River Scenic Trail Half Marathon

Last Saturday I did something that I never thought that I would say.  I ran a trail half marathon! Now, don’t get too excited – yes, it was a beautiful trail through the woods and along the Jackson River.  It’s finely crushed gravel that is built on an old railroad bed.  Not the roots and rocks of a trail that most of you think about.  (I’m too klutzy to do those trails). The race started and finished at the Intervale Trail Head of The Jackson River Scenic Trail in Covington.  It was actually a perfect location for me.  Covington is an hour from home and is on the way to my Mom’s house (1/2 hour from her).  So, I made this weekend my “Mom’s Chores” trip for the week.  I stayed at Mom’s Friday night so that I had 1/2 hour less to drive on race morning.  Picked up my packet at the … {Continue Reading… }

Race Recap – Surf-n-Santa 5-Miler

Last weekend is one of the weekends that I look forward to every year!  Hubby and I take off for Virginia Beach for the Surf-n-Santa 5-Miler weekend.  Another reason is that Hubby’s birthday is the 20th – so, it’s also a nice birthday getaway for him. This race used to be the Surf-n-Santa 10-miler – but, last year they changed it to a 5-miler and scheduled it to begin at 4:30 as it is getting dusk.  And, there is a reason for this. Virginia Beach is really pretty at Christmas.  They set up lights on the beach and over the boardwalk.  They even as special times at night when cars can drive down the boardwalk through the lights.  It is really neat! We got to Virginia Beach Thursday afternoon and got checked in.  I always like to stay when I can at an Hampton Inn.  The rooms are usually clean … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – What To Do When You’ve Finished Your Road Race

Congratulations!  You’ve trained properly, made it to the starting line – and now you’ve completed your road race!  It’s a great accomplishment – and you should be proud! There are a few things that you want to do now that you’ve finished. 1.  Once you’ve come across the finish line – you want to keep moving.  You may be tired from your effort, but remember there are still runners behind you.  Keep moving so that these runners can get across the finish line. 2.  Make sure that you get your finisher’s medal.  There should be several volunteers there handing them out as you move through the finisher’s chute.  You definitely don’t want to forget to get your medal.  You’ve earned it! 3.  If you aren’t quite feeling right – light-headed or have some pain that’s out of the ordinary, find the medical tent and get checked out.   They should … {Continue Reading… }