PR’s Begin At 60 – How I’m Dealing With Running As I Get Older

Getting slower as you age is a part of it.  Yes, there are still speedy runners in their ’60s and ’70s and beyond – but, the truth is that the majority of us do slow down as we get older.  (And, what makes it even harder is that I’m still feel 35 and in my mind I am!)  In some of the Facebook groups that I’m in, so many are having a hard time with this.  I’ve learned to accept it and just keep running and forget about my time. However, it wasn’t easy to do this.  I went through a stage where I wouldn’t run any local races because everyone remembered me as the faster runner.  My ego wouldn’t let me handle that very well.  Truth is – there is maybe one or two people who are still running when I was in my prime – so the newer … {Continue Reading… }

Running Does Help Your Brain

I’ve been conducting a little experiment over the last couple of weeks.  It’s been a study on myself – involving brain power and running. Now, you always hear runners (myself included) when they talk about the benefits of running about how running helps your brain. There are many studies that support this.  All you have to do is google “running helps brain” and you’ll find over 70 million results.  Feel free to read them all!   As I am getting on toward the end of my 50’s – overall health is big on my mind.  By running every day, doing weights and core work, etc. – I know that I have the physical part pretty well covered.  Keeping my brain sharp (well, still functioning at least) is important. I downloaded an app for my phone that gives me 3 daily tests. It’s a free version and if I wanted I could have … {Continue Reading… }

It’s Perfectly Alright To Be Slower As You Get Older!

I’m writing this the afternoon after a morning 20-miler.  I’m thrilled to say that I got it done – and that I feel great! As you’ve heard me say, I’m in the process of training for a marathon in November.  Due to “life”, I haven’t done a marathon for about 7 years or so.  I did 19 last week – and added another mile in the evening – but, there’s just something about hitting that magical 20 for the first time in training. I’m feeling really good about my training – I’ve been adding a mile or two to my long run each week and then cutting back on the 4th week to about 1/2 of the long run.  It’s something that I read that Bill Rodgers did to help stay fresh and injury free – so, I figured I’d try it.  So far, so good. It also feels good … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Running As You Get Older Is Alright!

Most people don’t realize it – but running is an excellent sport as you grow older.  Running provides excellent benefits that will help to offset the effects of aging. After we hit 30, many changes start to take place in our bodies, including reduction of muscle mass and elasticity, reduction of bone density and fat increases.  What this basically means is that as we age, our times will get slower.  But, I’ve come to terms with that – I’m just happy to still be out there running! But, don’t be discouraged – there are still many older runners out there that are incredible. This includes Ed Whitlock, who ran a marathon in 2:54:49!  I wish that I could have run a sub-3 hour marathon when I was 30! The benefits of running for us “mature runners” is the same as younger runners.  The benefits include reductions in the risks of heart … {Continue Reading… }