An Easy Way to Get Excited About Your Running Again

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions with your running?  Are you in a rut? No worries, we’ve all been there. I was going through that myself just a little bit ago.  Now I’m an early morning runner – and most of the time I run by myself.  I’ve been doing that for years.  In fact, I only started running with others again when I started running with some of the runners that I coach. I wasn’t in a funk because of running by myself – it was because I was in a rut with where I was running.  I would take off from my house and run the cul-de-sacs and surrounding neighborhoods. Unless I was doing a long run – then I would take different roads around the city.  My longer runs were not the problem – it was my shorter runs.  The going … {Continue Reading… }

My Favorite Running Books – Part 2

In my last blog post, I started sharing some of my favorite running books with you.  In case you missed it – here’s the link to that post: Today I’m going to share a few more with you!  Books really are a great source of motivation! Runners of North America:  A Definitive Guide to the Species I love a good running book – and I love humor! This book by Mark Remy combines them both! I highly recommend it – especially for my runner friends. I’d love to hear what subspecies of runner you are! I’ll admit – I’m a combination of a few – including the Grizzled Vet (they hate themed runs – think color and mud runs – and people who race with a phone. I once ran a race and someone was actually carrying on a conversation with someone for a few miles. Well, she did … {Continue Reading… }

Making Your Running A Habit

Many people start out with the intention of beginning and sticking with a running program. However, for one reason or another the majority of them will quit before even really getting to enjoy all the benefits of running. So, it’s important to start off on the right foot – so to speak. Read on for some tips on getting your running program started correctly. First of all, you need to set a time to run – and stick to it. A big reason that many want to be runners quit is because they don’t make their running a priority. With all the benefits that you gain from running, you need to make sure that it is important for you to get it done. If you just have the attitude that I’ll get it in sometime today – it probably won’t get done. So, make sure that you set aside a … {Continue Reading… }

Streaking Runners – No, We’re Not Crazy!

There are some runners, myself included, who run every day of the year. No matter what, they get their run in. These runners are called streakers – not because they run without clothes, but because they have a streak of not missing days of running. Now, there are some that say we’re crazy and others who embrace the idea and wish they could. Read on for why streaking is a good idea and some tips from a streaker. Having a running streak is excellent motivation to get out the door to get your run in. All of us have days where we’d probably like to stay in bed that extra hour, but we know that we need to get our run in. So, having the streak makes it easier. And, all runners know that the hardest step on those days is the first one out the door. Running every day … {Continue Reading… }

The 3 Stages Of A Runner

The other day I was talking with a runner who is just getting started with their running program.  I love talking to newbie runners!  They are so excited! Our chat got me to thinking about something.  There are basically 3 stages that runners go through.  See if you agree with me. The first stage is the beginning runner.  During this stage you are so excited about your running.  You tell everyone who will listen (and even those that don’t :-)) about your running.   If you’ve been wanting to shed a few pounds – you find that they go away.  You are just feeling wonderful. Then, the second stage comes around.  This is the stage where you may hit a plateau.  If you’ve been losing weight – it stops happening.  It’s getting harder and harder to motivate yourself to head out the door for your runs.  You may even skip … {Continue Reading… }

Running Streaks – Being A Streaker Isn’t Always Easy!

I’ve had my running since 1985.  I’ve run through heat and humidity, snow and ice, hurricanes, etc. Most days it’s easy to be a streaker.  I get up, lace up the shoes and head out the door. But, then, there are a few days that are challenging.  Throughout my streak – I’ve been pretty lucky.  I really can count on one had the days that I really wondered if the streak was going to end.  If you don’t mind, I’d like to share those with you. The first time that I can remember wondering about running was in 1996 or 1997 when I came down with the shingles.  Now, mine was a pretty nasty case.  But, I made myself go downstairs to my treadmill and run a mile.  The first couple of days – it was definitely not easy.  However, I was pretty much over them in a week – … {Continue Reading… }

Have You Ever Thought About Hiring A Running Coach?

I’ve got to share with you something that I am super excited about!  I am going at the end of August to get my certification to become an “official” running coach!  I’ve been helping runners for years – but I’ve always wanted to go through the certification process and make sure that I am doing things correctly. So, I’ve been watching the classes for the past year or so.  Most of them have been more than a day’s drive away.  Finally, one came up in Myrtle Beach.  OK, I know that it’s not really at my back door – but, come on – it’s Myrtle Beach!  So, I signed up! I know that there are some of you that may be wondering why you may need a running coach.  There are several reasons that I feel some do. First of all, there’s the accountability of having someone (besides yourself) that … {Continue Reading… }

Running Motivation From A Fellow Streaker – Woody Woodburn

I am privileged today to have a guest blog post from Woody Woodburn.  Woody is a longtime runner and sports columnist from Southern California.   During his time he had the honor of speaking with and forming a friendship with Coach John Wooden.  In case you don’t know – Coach Wooden was one of the most successful college basketball coaches (with UCLA) in history.  He was also a wonderful mentor to many, a terrific motivator and such a first class human being! Woody has written a book about his time with Coach Wooden.  Following is an excerpt from this wonderful, inspiring upcoming book.  (Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that Woody is a fellow streaker? :-)) “The Streak” When I returned home from the hospital following disk fusion surgery in 2003, even walking a few steps was excruciating. It wasn’t my braced neck that caused me to wince, it was … {Continue Reading… }

Running Motivation – Maybe There Should Be A Support Group

There are so many runners that lack running motivation from time to time.  Some days they just don’t want to lace up those shoes and head out the door.  If they are really lacking in motivation – then it’s easy for them to completely skip the run altogether. Have you ever skipped a run because you just didn’t feel like running?  How did you feel the next day?  Did you feel guilty at all? I got to thinking about this the other day.  It’s too bad that the only person that you’re accountable to is yourself if you skip your scheduled run.  Maybe runners should start some sort of support group.  They could call it Runner’s Anonymous. Now, with that name – most people would think that this would be a group for those of us addicted to running and getting our runs in each day.  And, well, maybe there … {Continue Reading… }

Running Motivation – The Rest Of My Tips!

For the last few posts – I’ve been sharing with you some tips for staying motivated with your running.  Even my favorite – which I know isn’t for everyone.  In case you missed it – here’s a link to that post and podcast – my running motivation. Today, I’m just going to list some more ways that I think are great ways to stay motivated: Race for a charity.  A great way to keep up that motivation is to enter a road race to raise money for a charity.  Knowing you are helping others feel super Run with a friend.  Many runners need to have that someone to push them out the door. Keep a running log.  It’s great to look back and see what you’ve accomplished.  And, nobody wants to look back and see blank pages! Run without a watch.  Occasionally, just go out and run for the fun … {Continue Reading… }