Do You Have Any Running Quirks/Superstitions?

I got to thinking the other day about some of the rituals that runners go through.  Some runners have certain things that they do before a race – some before every run.  I started thinking about some of the quirky things that I do regarding running.  And, also some quirks I have about races. First of all, I’m a major stickler for the way I put on my socks and shoes.  Always right foot first – then left foot.  This isn’t only for my running shoes, I do this for every shoe that I put on.  Not sure why, just something that I do. Another thing – I will always wear a cap. I love my caps – they keep the glare of the sun out of my eyes, they keep the rain out of my eyes and………well……they help make my sunglasses fit better on my head! Regarding races, I … {Continue Reading… }

Peeing Behind The Tree And Other Things Runners Do

Runners are such a funny bunch.  You know that we are.  When we lace up our running shoes, we do things that we would absolutely never do in our “other” life. You know what I mean.  For example.  You’re 12 miles into a 20 mile run.  You’re at least 2 miles from the nearest convenience store, fast food restaurant or park.  And, you need to go to the bathroom.  BAD!  What do you do? If you happen to be on a road with few houses and some trees – I know exactly what you will do.  You know how I know?  I’ve done it myself.  And, I bet that you have, also.  If you have to go really bad, you see a pretty wide tree, there’s no house very close…… will go behind that tree to relieve yourself.  And, such sweet relief it is! And, I have to admit this … {Continue Reading… }

Running Quirks – Do You Have Any?

I got to thinking about what I have to do before a run, or what I have to have to do before going out for a run – or before a race.  You know, little running quirks.  We all have them – well, I hope it’s not just me.  I starting thinking about my running quirks and I have more than I thought.  Let me share. First of all, I have to have a cap on when I run.  Period – no matter what kind of weather. I know think anyone would recognize me running without my cap and pony tail out the hole in the back.  I wear my cap to keep the sun out of my eyes, to keep the glare from oncoming car lights out of my eyes, to keep the rain out of my eyes and just to keep any loose hair from bugging me.  Yep, … {Continue Reading… }