I Broke All My Rules – And, Had A Great Week Of Running

Last week was a good week of running for me.  I hit 50 miles a week in training.  I used to hit this and more consistently – but, for the last 5 or 6 years – I haven’t been able to.  Sometimes life – personal obligations and work – just seem to get in the way of mileage sometimes.  I hate that it does – but, it’s the truth.  Now, I’m still going to get my runs in every day no matter what. I may have to cut back a few miles from time to time – but, the run is going to happen. Now, that I’ve hit the magic 50 again – I know that I’ll be able to keep at it. The funny thing is – last week was one of those weird weeks where what I usually do to work up to a long run went all … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – The Unwritten Running Rules

There are rules to running.  Most of them you probably know.  These are the ones that you read about all the time.  For instance – always run facing traffic, don’t increase your mileage more than 10% from one week to the next, etc. But, there are unwritten rules for running also.  These are the ones that you don’t hear about every day – if you’ve even heard about them at all. 1.  Don’t wear the shirt that you get at the race during the actual race.   Seriously, it’s definitely one of the unwritten rules.  If you haven’t been running very long and are running your first road race – it’s really tempting to wear the shirt that you get during the race.  But, don’t.  Save it to wear on the way home. 2.  Don’t jingle as you run.   Nothing is more annoying to be running with a group … {Continue Reading… }