Ode To The Stuff Holder

Yesterday was a big day for me – it was the 32nd year of my running every day!  I can’t believe that it’s been that long – it’s hard for me to believe that I’m that old – but, I am! I went for a 10 mile run and spent a lot of time during the run reflecting on the past 32 years of my streak running – and the 7 years before that when I started running.  I thought about the runs, the races, the ones that I’ve run with.  It was a great time of reflecting. One of the things that I thought a lot about was my wonderful Hubby.  I couldn’t run every day and run in some of the places that I’ve run without his support.  There are so many runners (male and female) that don’t have the support of their significant others.  This makes me … {Continue Reading… }

I’m So Happy To Have My Hubby!

Running is mostly a solitary sport – but, in my case, there’s a very important person behind the scenes. My wonderful hubby has been there for me since day one! In fact, the day of our first date, I was out on a run in the afternoon.  I was about 2 miles from my house and Bob (hubby) pulled over.  He asked if I’d like for him to pick me up earlier and we’d go to dinner before our planned movie.  So, I had about an hour to get home, shower and get ready.  Yes, I made it – but, the point is, he knew from that first date on that he had a runner to deal with! Hubby knows that when we are on vacation that he can sleep in a little longer or have some time to himself while I’m out for my daily run.  I plan destination races … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Have A Good Running Support System

All runners know that they need a good running support system.  This support can come in many forms – your spouse, your parents, your friends, your running buddies.  The important thing is that you have one. I am so lucky that when I first started running many years ago, that my parents supported what I was doing.  They would buy shoes for me and was there at the end of races. Then, I got married.  And, I sometimes just can’t believe how lucky I am that my husband is SO supportive. First of all, let’s talk around the house.  Now, if you’re a runner at all, you know there’s the wet clothes hanging around after your run.  And, if it’s raining, there’s the wet shoes by the door or first thing in the garage. And, on wash day, running clothes are air drying.  Most of the technical clothing require air … {Continue Reading… }