The Best Way To Keep A Running Streak Alive

Being a Streaker for over 30 years – this is probably one of the questions that I get the most. Runners always ask how I can run every day and how I stay motivated to do so. It’s really kind of funny.  After this long, I really don’t think about it that much anymore.  Running is just a part of my life – like brushing my teeth and eating.  It’s just something that I do. When I think back about it – there’s a few answers.  First of all, I always tell runners to listen to what their body is telling them.  If they are feeling a little “glitchy”, back down for the day.  Either go slower or go fewer miles.  Your body is probably trying to tell you something.  This is one thing that I’ve always done. Another thing that’s been my stand through all these years is to … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – When To Ice And When To Use Heat On Running Injuries

  You’ve been out for a run and something just doesn’t feel right. You don’t want to get an injury that will keep you off the roads – so you want to take care of this as soon as you get it. But, should you ice the injury or use heat on it?  Here are tips for knowing which to do. Basically running injuries will break down into two categories – acute or chronic. Acute injuries are those that have just happened – within 72 hours. During this time period, the injured area will be inflamed. Chronic injuries are those ongoing and still giving you a little problem after 4-5 days – but usually there is no inflammation. During the acute stage of your running injury is when you want to ice. Icing the area will help numb the pain and will help with decreasing the swelling as ice constricts blood … {Continue Reading… }

Beating Treadmill Boredom

It’s getting to be that time of the year when runners may find themselves bringing their runs indoors. There are several reasons that you may do your run for the day on a treadmill.  Safety is a big one for me.  In the early morning hours when I run – many times during the winter, it may be dark and icy when I run.  When it’s dark it’s hard to see icy patches in the road.  Also, if it is icy, you tend to alter your stride which can end up with a running injury.  (I know of what I speak here!)  Another safety factor is cars on the road.  No matter how much reflective gear you may have on – if a driver is concentrating on the road, they may not see you.  Or may slide into you.  On icy days – I’ll always bring my run indoors. Also, many runners … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Help For Those Tight Calves

Even though you may not think about it – tight calves can be the root of many running pains that you may have.  Lower back pain, achilles problems, shin splints and plantar fasciitis are a few of the things that can be caused by tight calves.  (There may be other things involved like running in old shoes, increasing mileage too quickly, etc., but, tight calves may be the culprit). Here is a short (about 3 minutes) video that I put together to show you an exercise that I do every day after I run to stretch out my calves: It just takes a few minutes and it really does help! Even if you are running with no pain – you should put this little exercise into your after run routine. Especially after a long run – it really stretches out those sore legs!   … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Avoiding and Preventing Runner’s Trots

Something that plagues many runners – but not many want to talk about – is runner’s trots. An estimated 40 – 50% of runners get runner’s trots during or immediately a run. Generally, it happens in runners that are running longer distances. Here are some causes and how to prevent runner’s diarrhea. According to the Mayo Clinic, prolonged exercise (such as long distance running) diverts blood away from the intestines, reducing intestinal activity. This reduction of activity will allow waste to pass through you more quickly. Also, the simple up and down motion of running may push wastes through your body more quickly. Another cause is what you may be eating before your run. Avoid eating anything whole-grain and high in fiber a day before and the day of a longer run. Some foods to avoid are beans, some vegetables, bran and legumes. You do want to eat these foods … {Continue Reading… }

Dealing With Running Injuries – What Else Can I Come Down With This Year?

OK, I take the question back!  There’s a lot more that I can come down with – but this has been a year!  I’ve gone through 30+ years of running with hardly any injuries.  I know that I’ve been blessed – but, I also have always listened to my body and took it easy when it told me to. This year, it seems like it’s been one thing after another.  I’ve never had to spend this much time worrying about and dealing with running injuries. The first of the year, it was Plantar Fasciitis.  I dealt with that for several months, read everything I could about it, stretched all the time and finally it went away. Then, we moved on to a pain in my knee.  So, it was on to more reading and more stretching and exercises for knee pain.  Luckily, that cleared up in just a couple of … {Continue Reading… }

Psychological Benefits Of Running – If It Wasn’t For Running – I’d Go Crazy!

Running is not only good for your body and physical health – it is also important for your mental health.  Here are some of the psychological benefits of running! Running reduces your stress and anxiety. Runners are known to be less stressed and are more able to deal with their daily stressors effectively. This is due to the fact that running refreshes their thoughts, keeps their minds off their worries and gives them ample and undistracted time to think and concentrate. Running enhances your mood. When running, the body produces a substance called endorphin, that created a different sense of euphoria. This is known as a “runner’s high” because after they finish a run, runners are in a good mood, are happier and just over-all feel better. Runner’s high is also believed to be responsible for runners seeming “addiction” to running – since it makes them feel so good, they … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Be Flexible With Your Running Schedule

When you are training for a specific race – it’s important to have a running schedule.  Runners need to have it planned out to do their weekly long runs, tempo runs, etc.  And, they need to stick to it as closely as possible. However, it is extremely important to be flexible with you schedule if something comes up.  You have to listen to your body and what it is telling you. Here’s what I’m talking about. In training for my upcoming marathon, I’ve been doing my long run on Tuesday.  This Tuesday, the alarm went off and I could feel that something wasn’t quite right.  A few times a year I get these little “glitches” in my leg.  I really don’t know what it is – but it’s almost like a funky nerve that runs from my hip to my knee. When I get these glitches, my leg almost buckles … {Continue Reading… }

Running Tips – Running On Those Rainy Days

Running in the rain.  Some runners love it, some runners hate it, some runners tolerate it and some runners avoid it.   Frankly, I don’t really like running in the rain – especially if it’s a cold rain.  But, I will admit, if it’s a hot day and I’ve been out there for awhile – a little sprinkle helps to cool me down.  I just don’t like heading out the door when it’s raining hard. And, then, there are the days when I’m like this guy.  I can see the rain coming and will speed up and work really hard to get back in the door before it starts! Last Sunday morning has one of those days when it was pouring when I headed out the door. It was my fault that I had to do my whole run in the rain.  We were at my Mom’s and I got … {Continue Reading… }

Marathon Training – It’s OK To Be A Beginner More Than Once

Just because you’ve been a beginner to marathoning once – it’s perfectly alright to be a beginner again when you are marathon training.  Let me explain what I’m talking about. There are many runners that know and have experienced the fact that their running goes through cycles.  You can be running along – many miles a week – running races whenever you want at whatever distance – and then life (or heaven forbid) an injury gets in the way.  Or sometimes, as was my case – both will happen. For those of you who don’t know my story – let me tell ya briefly.  If you do – bear with me for a couple of minutes.  I’m an only child who grew up adoring her parents.  Several years ago (within 2 weeks of each other), my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and Mom had a stroke.  Daddy passed away a … {Continue Reading… }