Take That, Junior High P.E. Teacher!

I am living proof that you don’t have to have been athletic or a jock when you were in school to become a runner.  You can trust me on that fact!

When I was in Junior High school, a student had to take Phys Ed for 2 years.  Now, I was a skinny kid – but I didn’t really consider myself a klutz.  After all, I could ride by bikes with the best of them. And I grew up a tomboy and the only girl on my block so I was always playing basketball and football with the boys.  So, P.E. –  no problem!

Well, was I wrong.  First of all, for some reason the P.E. teacher had her pets – of which I was not one.  But, that was alright – she was not a pleasant person.  I held my own in class – I was not the best tumbler, or the strongest but managed to do everything that was asked.

This teacher also always managed to get the grade cards after all the other teachers.  And, ya know what – I got B’s almost all the time.  I had straight A’s except for P.E.!  How sad is that!  (One time she even wrote on my card “Sorry I had to spoil all your A’s”.) She had a vendetta against some of us – but that was OK, I just had to get through 2 years of her.  In 9th grade – no more P.E. – and no more Junior High Phys Ed teacher!

I didn’t even try to do P.E. again.  In our high school, if you were in the band, you didn’t have to take Phys Ed.  I guess the powers that be figured after all the marching we did up and down the practice field every day that we were getting plenty of exercise.

So, as you can see, I never was an athlete in school or a jock or even remotely physical. Don’t think because you weren’t in good shape then – or now – that you can’t be a runner. I’m living proof that you can!

When I go back to my home town, I’ll see her every now and then in the grocery store.  I really just want to go up to her and let her know just what I’ve accomplished.  I wonder how many of her “star” students who could tumble until this time tomorrow has completed over 12 marathons and has been running for over 30 years.  I doubt if the number is very high.

If you want to be a runner – go for it!  And, keep on running!  Anyone can do it – I’m proof!

Run Happy!


Take That, Junior High P.E. Teacher! — 1 Comment

  1. Ha! PhyEd horror stories abound! I hear ya. And, yeah, I could ride my bike, climb trees, play baseball, run around, and do all sorts of physical stuff, but PLEASE…

    I DID have a problem being forced to wear the ugliest gym suit ever invented and forced to play volleyball and softball and crawl around on the floor doing some stupid exercises WITH THE BOYS! To be in a butt-ugly gym suit and parade around in front of the boys… at that age??? We had to go to gym class until our senior year… in those ugly gym suits… oh did I mention those already?! We got a pass if it was ‘that time of month’ so I had my period about every other week. Until she caught on and asked me if anything was wrong. Dang. Busted. Well that PhyEd program had to be a case study in child abuse. grrrr

    I suggest you hand your old PE teacher a copy of your book. Oh what I would have given for just one enlightened PE teacher back then. So, yeah, I hear ya! Living well is the best revenge, but a ‘nah nah nah moo moo’ just feels good. 😉

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