Thoughts and Ramblings On Being A Pure Runner

Hello, my name is Judy Mick and I am a pure road runner.  That’s what I do.  That’s all I do.  Well, OK, I do some light work with weights and core work – but, that’s it.  I don’t do weird races, trail running (except for my “trail” that is flat and crushed gravel), cross fit, etc.

Yes, I hear many of you sighing right now and shaking your heads.  Just allow me to ramble on a little bit.

This week I celebrated the 11,500th day of my running streak.  In these years, I’ve seen a lot of runners come and go.  Most of the runners that I ran with years ago no longer run.  There are several reasons – some have had injuries, some have gotten burned out and some (as much as I hate to say it) are no longer with us.

Some of the runners that I knew was so crazy about pushing themselves faster and faster.  Now, I like to push myself and test my limits – but what they did on every training run was just brutal.  I’ve always done some speed work and hill work – but, I’ve always taken easy days of what they used to call junk miles.  I’ve always listened to my body and when it said to back it down – I did.  Over 30 years later – I’m still here.

Another thing that I’ve seen through the years are the people that run but hate to run.  I just can’t imagine this.  If I didn’t love running and enjoy it – there’s no way that I’d be doing it at all – let alone every day.  If you don’t like it – don’t do it.  Running should be fun – not a chore.

Then there are the runners that have to run a race every weekend.  Yes, I run my share of races in a year – and “back in the day” I ran several races a month during the season.  But, I also went several years without running a race at all.  And, ya know what?  I never considered myself less of a runner.  It’s nice to have a race to look forward to – but, it’s also nice to have no pressure and to just run however you feel at the moment.

I’ve always had the attitude that I was never going to do anything that would have a negative impact on my running.  I don’t do trail running, Spartan races cross fit, etc.  I’ve seen many a runner sidelined by each one of these.  Many streakers have lost a streak because of a wayward tree root on a trail or by trying to lift too much weight and popping something in their knee.  (Yes, I hear you screaming at the computer – but, this is my feeling and my approach to my running).

Food is another area that has SO many fads come and go through the years.  I’ve always been a meat and potatoes and pasta kind of girl.  It’s worked for me all these years – and kept me out on the roads – so, don’t try to tell me that what you’re doing is better.  It might be for you – but, I’m going to keep on with what’s worked for me.

Day 11,500 of my Streak has come and gone.  Looking back – I’ve loved every day of running. Some were easier than others – but, all great!  I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t run. Yes, I’m a pure runner.  And super proud of it!



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  1. Oh I love pasta and running!! I’d run all day everyday without strength training but as a personal trainer I kinda have too 😉 I say do what works for the individual!! And I honestly would simply, run.

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