Time For My Yearly Rant

Yep, here we are – that time of the year again.  The weekend that we “spring” forward with our clocks.  I HATE it.  Now, I don’t mind losing the hour of sleep .  You can adapt to that – I have a friend that is a sleep specialist and she can tell you how to get used to it during the week before.

What I hate about this weekend is the mornings.  I am an early morning runner.  I love running through my neighborhood when most of my neighbors are still in bed.  I love the stillness and the peacefulness.  And, I do even like the darkness on those mornings when the moonlight is bright from the full moon.

However, I do love it when it starts to get light when I’m out there.  My favorite is heading out just before dawn when it’s still a little dark – but daylight is breaking.

Right now is that perfect time.

Until this weekend.

Starting Sunday morning it will be pitch black again when I head out – and most of the time when I get done.  So, I have to be patient (again) for a few more weeks until my perfect mornings are back.

Now, I have many running friends who are out there all the time when it’s dark.  They run around 3 or 4 in the morning every day because of their work.  And, I apologize to them for being a whiner.  But, these are my thoughts and feelings.

The one good thing that I can say about Daylight Saving Time?   It means that warmer weather is on the way.  And that makes me VERY happy!

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