Traveling To Races

Y’all have heard me talk so many times about how much I love to travel to races.  I honestly don’t do that many in my hometown anymore.  I enjoy getting out and about.  (But, I am slowly working on doing some local races to show support).

Anyway, it’s important to make sure that you have everything packed that you are going to need. There is nothing more annoying than to have to run out to a store the night before a race and hope that they have what you need.  Which many times – they don’t.  So, I thought that I’d give you some tips and what I do when getting ready to go out of town for a race.

I become obsessed with weather apps.  I have The Weather Channel and Weather Bug on my phone.  I’ll start checking about a week out for the weather of where I’m going to be.  I know that it will change several times – but, I like to see.  Many times the week out forecast will be more correct than the day or two before.

I’ll start laying out the clothes that I plan to take.  Summer time – it’s super easy.  Cap, singlet, shorts, shoes and socks.  Boom.  Done for clothes.  Spring and Fall is a little more tricky.  I’ll plan for everything.  I’ll take tights, capris, light jacket, gloves, base layer and a long sleeve shirt in addition to everything mentioned previously.  I’ve seen freak cold weather snaps during these times.  I was a Girl Scout – I try to always be prepared.  If there is any chance of rain – I’ll throw in a rain jacket, also.

Toward the middle of the week, I’ll make a pack list.  On this list goes EVERYTHING!  The clothes that I plan to take, sunglasses, RoadID, Garmin, gels, Body Glide, roller, The Stick, KT Tape, ipod, chargers for watch and iPod………you get the idea.  Anything needed on race day and after.  Also on this list will be a jacket or something that I want to slide into that Hubby will have for me after the race is over.

As I pack, I check off my list and know that I have everything.

Regarding traveling to the race.  Now, I no longer fly to races.  Don’t judge.  Flying freaks me out. Not to mention in my opinion, it’s cheaper to drive.  For our Key West trip in January, we drove and gas was about 1/4 of what plane tickets would have been.  Not to mention, we didn’t have to rent a car, could stop wherever we wanted, could leave whenever we wanted, etc.

ANYWAY, my point I was intending to make is for those of you that do fly.  Make sure that you take your running bag with you as a carry on.  I’ve heard of many horror stories of lost luggage and runners who had to scramble for running shoes/clothes on race day.  Even when I did fly to places just for vacation – I always had my running shoes with me on board.

I love going to races.  With our crazy schedules, it’s a nice little mini vacation away for long weekends throughout the year for Hubby and me.  It’s fun to check out new races!  I hope that you’ll try some.  And, that these tips will help you to be prepared!


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