What I’ve Learned From Hubby’s Knee Surgery

As you know from a couple of my previous posts, my husband is at home recovering from having another knee replacement.  As I’ve been helping him with his therapy, I’ve come to realize something.  Beginning a running program is a lot like coming back after knee surgery.  Here’s why.

Part of his therapy is going for walks here at home.  When we first started doing this, we didn’t go too far.  And, we went the same distance for a few days.  Then, we added on a little more distance – and then went that far for a few days.  Eventually, he’s gone farther and can do it easier than he even did that first short walk.   The reason that he’s been able to do so well is that he hasn’t done too much too soon.  If he had gone out trying to walk to far – his recovery would not be going as well, and he may have even risked injury to his knee.

That’s the same way with beginning a running program.  You just can’t go out and expect to run a mile or 2 miles right away.  If you do – you risk injury.  And, if that happens, you will probably get frustrated and say that running is not for you.

Starting out slowly – as my hubby has with walking again – is the way to go.  This is especially true if you have not been doing any sort of exercise at all.   Your body needs to get used to moving and exercise.  Start out walking – and then slowly incorporate running into your walking.  Keep doing a little more running until you are able to complete a mile without walking.  That’s the correct way to start running.

Run Happy!


P.S.  I’ve developed a program to help beginning runners to start out correctly.  We’ll go from doing nothing to walking to walking/running and then running.  At the end of the program, you will be ready to run a 5K race.

Even if you are currently running now – you may have a friend who may want to start running.  This is a super way to help them get started right.

Read more about my program at http://WalkToRunProgram.com.  I’d appreciate you sharing this with anyone that you know who would like to begin running!

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