Winter Running Tips – Wind Chill Days

This morning I am at my Mom’s house in southern West Virginia.  The temperature was 8 degrees and the wind chill was -3 (the last that I looked).  Trust me – that ‘s cold!

Running in the winter, though, is a great workout.  And, you want to keep running during the winter – even if it’s less mileage than you usually run.  This helps you keep fit during the cold months and when Spring comes – you have less work to do to get back to your normal running miles.

That being said – winter running is something that you need to be prepared for.  The cold weather itself usually isn’t the problem – it’s the wind.  If it’s a super windy day – the wind chill can make it feel considerably colder.  But, you can run on those days – if you take precautions and are prepared.  Here are some winter running tips for those wind chill days.

One thing that you do want to remember is that wind will increase heat loss in your body.  You want to dress in layers and make sure that your top layer is a jacket that is made of wind resistant or wind proof material.  Also, hat and gloves are a must.

When you head out the door – see what direction the wind is blowing.  If possible, start out running into the wind.  It will be unpleasant at first, but when you turn around and head back for home – the wind will be behind you and pushing you.  That’s makes it a little more tolerable when you are tired.

Don’t do a hard workout or a speed workout on those extreme wind chill days.  Your runs on these days should be nice and easy.

Another tip is to do loops around your house instead of your usual out and back or a larger loop.  Several shorter loops can be beneficial if the weather turns worse and you need to cut your run short.

You also need to be as aware of your body on these days as you do on hot days.  If you feel signs of hypothermia coming on – make sure that you cut your run short. There is an increased chance of hypothermia when the wind chill is -20 degrees.

Running on these extreme days are doable.  And, can make you feel really great when you are finished.  You know that you have done something that many runners won’t.  However, do run smart, take these precautions and you’ll be fine.  But, if you just don’t want to run outside on these super cold days – that’s OK.  That’s what treadmills are for!  :-)

Run Happy!

P.S.  Here is a list of what I use on these days.

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